Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Riley and Moondoggie have a special holiday wish for all Crappers everywhere:

Riley:  Enjoy your temporal bacchanalia, bipeds.  Your days as the dominant species of this planet are numbered, much like the primitive time-keeping devices with "cute" and "amusing" images of felines which you display on your desks and walls.

Moondoggie:  I got into the catnip a little early...


Anonymous said...

Wow -- I see Riley's warm & fuzzy persona (catsona??) hasn't changed since I last saw her.

Tip: sleep with one eye open.

D. Sidhe said...

I'll have what Moondoggie's having, thanks.

Happy New Year to y'all. I wish you no hangovers tomorrow.

M. Bouffant said...

Riley is esp. frightening as she appears not to have a mouth, implying her sustenance comes from one's very soul.

Hoping everything gets better, esp. for our hosts & their non-hosting site.

Or at least no worse. Please!

Carl said...

Riley looks pissed.

heydave said...

Happy New Year, kids of all ages!
And as much as I love you all, one big resolution for me is to not eat breakfast at the computer anymore. Cheers, ta-ta and toodles!

Anonymous said...

Commenting for dummies :

I have decided as a public service to noobs, to advise on blogs I frequent.
1. World o'Crap. Smart, funny, excellent commentariat. You may feel diffident about commenting here but do not worry. They are also mostly kind to each other.
2. TBogg. Feels very cliquish - seems like everyone is buddies and you may be hesitant to intrude. The posts are very fine but the comments are rather meh.Helps if you find bassets cute.
3.Sadly, No. Fine, funny snarky posts but the commentariat are something else.The very long comment threads always degenerate into risque and poop jokes. There is an Our Gang, private jokes thing on the go and single, double and triple entendres fly. Can be very funny indeed but definitely not for the feminist-sensitive or anti-vulgarian.
4.Pharyngula.I learn a lot from these scientists but I very seldom comment. You too should be cautious. The following are axiomatic: Atheism, evolution, the awesomeness of PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins. If you do not hold these truths to be self-evident, say nothing.These guys are hardcore, have PhDs to prove it, are prickly and turn vicious in seconds.Scary for a noob.
Enough PSAs for now, I reckon.
Thanks for the space, Scott and s.z.

StringonaStick said...

Folks attribute evil to one, and serious stoned-ness to the other, but they've BOTH teamed up to take over the bed. How's that for an effective application of "good cop, bad cop"?

M. Bouffant said...

I chalk up the TBogg commentariat to creeping FDLism. It's been a while, but I think the masses were better when he was on his own. I made the effort of registering when he moved, & recently (?) they stopped linking one's name to one's blog, just to an unfilled (In my sad case.) FDL profile. (No secret that many, everywhere, comment only to attract eyeballs to their own dumps.) I s'pose FDL wants an AOL-style walled garden, where people have their little diaries & will be allowed to comment on the name posts, & one needn't bother w/ the outside world.

But the leftist blog-o-sphere isn't what it was seven or eight yrs. ago. (Nor am I, so why complain more?)

mb said...

Riley: fuck you!

Moondoggie: fuck me!