Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Valhalla Hillbillies the face of a Hero. Gaze upon the majestic splendor of Viking Prince Thorvald in The Norseman (1978), who Lee Majors plays as a perpetually hungover P.E. coach from Kentucky, and then listen to the latest episode of The Slumgullion, where we have an indecent degree of fun with this film:
On Episode 9 of The Slumgullion, Jeff and Scott complain about fan geek entitlement, Jeff goes in depth about why he will NEVER buy another Star Wars book and the Unknown Movie Challenge is 1978's The Norseman, written, produced, and directed by Charles B. Pierce (Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues) and co-starring his half-grown sperm, Chuck, Jr. There's a lot of anger and a surprising amount of laughs in this episode.
Click here:
 The Slumgullion Episode 9 “Grumpy McGrumpnuts Goes to Valhalla”

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