Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Wikileaks All Over the Rug

[Note: We just received this leak from Sheri, who is taking shelter in the Ecuadorian Embassy, or maybe buying rawhide chews at Petco. Anyway, somewhere very mysterious!]

More Unreported Terrorist Attacks
167. March 16, 2015. Location undetermined.

An innocent civilian was ambushed by a member of Tabbies United, who smacked this man's hat, laughed about it, then ran away. This story got virtually no coverage by the press.

168. June 3, 2016 Baltimore, MD

Bob Jones was licked almost to death by a radical Dachshund, who was possibly in the pay of George Soros. Jones survived, but has never been the same. This is the story that the NY Times refused to print!!!


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