Friday, June 14, 2019

When Luvs Become Whatevs

[Borrowed from Sheri's Facebook page]

A deconstruction of the Luvs commerical I have seen 4 million times while watching Tubi streaming TV:

First Child: A mom is interviewing a babysitter. She dismisses the nice applicant with ten years of experience and a Masters in Child Development with a snide "But no Ph.D?", then asks if she can record her on the nanny-cam hidden in the teddy bear.

Second Child: the same mom, now slightly older, hands a baby to a heavy metal teen who has just entered the house, saying "Here's a list of numbers, food is in the fridge, and Bobby likes to paw jewelry, so you might want to lose the nose ring."

The narrator informs us that the parents of second children are more likely to buy Luvs - presumably because they are cheaper, and a diaper is a diaper. "Live and learn and then get Luvs".

But what ad is really telling us is that parents of first kids are anal and annoying. But by the time they have a second kid, parents don't care anymore, and willingly give their kids to random strangers and possible drug fiends. Second kids: ask your parents about this.

Also, we notice that there is no sign of that first kid in the second scene. We can only assume that the tightly-wound mom did something terrible before she lived and learned. But you make the call.


Debbi said...

This wins the award for most awesome deconstruction of a TV commercial.

Thank you very much! :)

Anonymous said...

ANNTI sez...

What Debbi said. Also, the possibility that she either didn't want the second kid or fell-out with the 2nd kid's father? Y'know how the first-timers are, they act like they're the first people to ever TRY this procreation stunt. Maybe that first kid just broke her spirit so much that she slept through the conception of the second. I dunno. Then again, I dunno why ANYBODY does it.

Hank said...

And if she had a third child, she'd probably leave it to be raised by some racoons she found raiding her garbage.