Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Hallmarked...for DEATH!

OPENING CREDITS: This is gonna be so much fun! Better take small sips, though! Heehee...

1st COMMERCIAL BREAK: (Can't remember cat's name)

2nd COMMERCIAL BREAK: (Alcohol toxemia sets in)

3rd COMMERCIAL BREAK: (Renal failure)

4th COMMERCIAL BREAK: (Liver attempts to escape by crawling out through anus)

5th COMMERCIAL BREAK: (Make ill-advised booty call to ex)

6th COMMERCIAL BREAK: (Clinical brain death)

7th COMMERCIAL BREAK: (Alcohol fumes expelled as death rattle spontaneously combusts, touching off explosion, flambéeing body, and carmelizing couch)


Dr. Alice said...

Yep. I tried watching last year, without the booze... "How bad can it be?"
So bad. So, so, so bad.

Scott said...

I salute you for making the attempt, Alice, but I suspect even Carrie Nation would agree that the Hallmark Channel is no place to practice temperance.

Mentis Fugit said...

Drinking games should hold out at least the faint hope of survival in order to be considered fair.