Monday, February 28, 2011

Pre-Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The Undercover Angels Edition

Service Notice:

My much beloved, but finicky iMac has died (or rather, since it now boots up to a gray screen and hangs, it might be more accurate to say it's in a persistent vegetative state), and at the moment I'm making due with my faithful, but antediluvian laptop.  Unfortunately, I don't have access to my cat pix or photo editing software, which explains why we skipped Beast Blogging this past weekend.

However, our Southern Hemispherical friend Suezboo has placed a very non-naggy, unbeggary request for  beasties, and luckily I had a few images in the camera documenting our recent cold snap:
Riley:  "Would it kill you to turn up the thermostat?  No, it would not.  Would I kill you the moment you dropped your guard, slit open your abdomen and crawl inside to stay warm?  All signs point to Yes.

Choose wisely."
Moondoggie:  "I'm the meat in my own sandwich."


Li'l Innocent said...

Huzza,first to comment! I was worried about you all - DAYS of ominous Craplessness, and with all this going on in Wisconsin and the Georgia legislature and Tunisia and whatnot, what is one to think? So, phew! And kittehs, yay, thankyou!

I must say that "I'm the meat in my own sandwich" seems like some sort of universal life philosophy.

heydave said...

I prefer to be my own condiment.

Anonymous said...

Gasp. For moi???

Thank you, Scott, I do love them little rascals. Moondoggie, that's deep, man, deeep.I think it's Riley's little white chin fur which makes her look so evil. Just a thought - she may actually be a sweetie. No?


heydave said...

So I'm thinking of adopting two seemingly lovely cats from a friend who will be traveling too much to handle them. I keep my house very cool in the winter and warm in the summer, and ma not a huge fan of housekeeping. will we get along?

Scott said...

Dave, I find that cool temperatures promote feline comity, often leading to snuggling and cat-stacking. In hot weather, on the other hand, they keep to themselves, become lethargic, and generally destroy much less of the house. So it's a win-win.

Larkspur said...

Jeebus, Scott, ya got pix of kitties and then you start off with "My much beloved, but finicky iMac has died..." and I'm thinking, Oh dear god, a kitty has left us for the Great Beyond! Thank you jeebus dog it was only a damn computer. Way to make me hit my target heart rate in under 5 seconds, dude. At least it was a comparatively happy ending.

Dave, in the summer the kitties will gravitate toward dim places and cool tile. They will be fine. You will be enormously amused. As for the housekeeping, you must commit to litter-box cleaning several times a day. Make it a squick-proof habit and everything will be both hunky and dory.

karen marie said...

And, Dave, please do not use "clumping" litter. It can't be good for the kitteh innards.

Get two cat pans, and just use a small amount of litter in each pan (I use a coffee cupful), dumping it after each use.

Your kittehs won't be tracking dirty litter, and they aren't kicking it out of the pan.

The only caveat is if one or both of the cats are male. My experience with male cats is they have 1/2 gallon bladders and will need more litter than female cats.

Congratulations! You're a father!

Anonymous said...

You have to choose whether these babes are going to be high or low maintenance. I mean, you have a house-an open window and a patch of ground is all the litterbox you'll ever need.
Secondly, never bath your cat.Well, unless s/he needs to be treated for a skin problem or gets messed up beyond her own repairing - with tar or suchlike.Cats are self-cleaning.
Food+water+a sunny, quiet napping spot= happy cat.