Thursday, January 23, 2014

Flashback Beast Blogging: The Grokkin' On Sunshine Edition

I need to fumigate the Fumento out of the place, so how about a look back at Riley and Moondoggie: The Early Years?

[Originally published July 27, 2007]

Riley can’t believe — simply cannot believe – that Moondoggie is lying in her sun patch.  Nevertheless, she remains confident that if she just STARES at him long enough without blinking…

…she can wish him into the cornfield.
Later, however, amends are made through an eagerly offered, and grudgingly accepted tongue bath.  Fellas, take note.
“Oh all right, if you must, I suppose I can put up with it…”


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Better Living Through Moondoggie.

Kathy said...

"The Stare" can be highly effective. My Peanut used to make Chester-cat leave his place, be it in the sun or on my lap. He'd saunter over to his food dish just as if he'd planned to do so all along.

Anonymous said...

Aaawwwwwwww... they have always been so damned adorable... Riley is a badass, that much can never be denied, but Moonie charms her every time. Well, almost every time, right?

BTW, what motherfuckers think that ANYBODY, let alone *I*, will answer a BLIND-800# PHONE CALL AFTER 9PM?!?!?!? Can't identify yourself? Go FUCK yerself! Google demands my phone number to COMMENT, but these jackasses demand entry into my home without identifying themselves? Fuuuuuck them.

Sorry for the digression. I *so* wanna come back as Riley or, failing that high goal, I'd be thrilled to be my late and much-missed Biddy or Boy. Black cats are just SPECIAL, though the recent invasion of gingers to my backyard (never knew any gingers personally before, and they are NOT all like Moondoggie, whatsofuckingEVER! Well, Bob & Chucky are big stoners, and Bob is PRETTY laid-back, but he still likes REAL FIGHTS, not just play-fights...) has widened the scope of my adoration for the many kinds of manipulative little sociopaths. Yeah, yeah, they "love" me 'cause I have the food & let them on the back porch when it's freezing, but I don't think that any of them would suffer from being adopted by a kind-hearted soul with a HUGE well of patience... hint-hint...


Anonymous said...

BTW, the below-the-fold ad is really creepy. The dessicated exoskeleton of some seaborne formerly-translucent critter/sucker sits below THIS brilliant tag: "EAT THIS... *KILL* High Blood Pressure"

What happened to "it's good for your skin"???