Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Duke Funnel: For All Your Selwyn Duke Needs

In the wake of Larry Pratt's appearance on internet radio show "Selwyn Duke's Music to Love Guns By," I see we're getting quite a few people visiting from Wonkette (thanks for the plug, Actor212), and elsewhere, looking for information on Mr. Duke.  Well, we're always glad to facilitate a little weekend time-wasting, not to mention the sweet satisfaction to be derived from introducing an obscure but deserving wingnut to a wider world.  So here you go...Please enjoy the World O' Crap Selwyn Duke Chrestomathy:

Minorities Are the Disease, Selwyn Duke is the Cure

Set the Metaphor MixMaster on "Julienne!"

Personality: The Cheaper Alternative to Birth Control


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...


Li'l Innocent said...

Dear me, I'd forgotten what a beastly little prick the highly intelligent Selwyn is. That slimy whine about immigration (got a lotta Amerinds in his family tree, has our Selwie) is beyond reproach, because I can't find anything bad enough to say about it.

grouchomarxist said...

Hoo dawgies, what a putz. I had to space reading those links out over a couple of days: even when it's layered with some mighty tasty snark, there's a limit to how much industrial-strength Stoopid crammed into assaults on the English language I can take at one time.

"Dead Man Switch for his brain" is brilliant and hilarious, but crude bastard that I am, to me that picture of Young Master Duke makes him look like someone who's almost been caught while using that forefinger to excavate a humongous nose goblin, and is trying to hide it as he decides how best to surreptitiously dispose of it.

Whatever. You'll have to excuse me now, while I go find another languid liberal for some of that leg-tingling love-fest action.