Friday, April 8, 2016

Judge Wapner Rules in Landmark Batman v. Superman Case!

This is a show I'm pretty proud of, thanks to a stellar panel of people with wide-ranging, yet pertinent skill sets (improv, opera singing, pornography, etc.).  Sure, I know everyone has been yakking about Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice since it opened, but I think we succeed in going where no one else has gone before. So please check it out:

The Slumgullion Episode 5 “Zack Snyder Hates Jesus”

Featuring guest appearances by raffish raconteur Indy McDaniel, purveyor of pithiness John Szura, the multi-talented Blanche Ramirez, and -- you know her, you love her -- irrepressible geek girl MaryC!

Also Jeff and me.

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