Sunday, December 11, 2016

Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The "Camera Confessions" Edition

SHADOW:  I've got a naughty little secret. And it's big, and orange, and...a butt.

MOONDOGGIE: Why hasn't anyone put this face on a coin yet? I ask you!...Look at this face! I'm already sort of penny-colored, and your useless Lincoln face money would totally increase in value because every coin would suddenly become collectible!  It's a foolproof plan to make all Americans zillionaires, assuming they have a jar of pennies on their dresser.

Or maybe a medal! But a fancy one, like the Croix de Chat, or the Presidential Medal of Freedom and Delicious Treats! C'mon!


Mentis Fugit said...

"And it's big, and orange, and...a butt."

But enough about the next President.

Now that's got the low-hanging fruit (well, dingleberries) out of the way the rest of you can bring the quality wit.

Gary said...

Shadow looks SO thoughtful. Is he contemplating food, or mayhem on his brother, or is he worried about the world situation?

I ask my cat that when he gets that look and he just gives me that slow "Oh, you silly human" blink. Maybe it's Cat Stuff and they would need to kill me if I knew.

Anonymous said...

Mentis, dear heart, that's hardly low-hanging fruit, considering from whence you must swing said bat. I had beloved this post, free, for just a moment, of the horrible, horrifying reality that's got me considering a raft made of otherwise-recycled milk jugs, headed due South-east across the Pacific to escape the seemingly inevitable... Oh, would that I were young & agile and could run as fast as I can shoot a high-powered rifle, how I would entertain fantasies of circumventing the apocalypse of January 20th... *sigh*

But back to the pure feline beauty before us --- If Moonie doesn't deserve a coin or medal of honor, he at LEAST deserves a STAMP, for his many & varied services to human AND cat-kind throughout his tenure. Shadow's still got some catching-up to do, but she seems to be fitting-into the Clevenger-family niche just right. Love them muchly for me and give 'em extra treats for their Ranty Aunty Annti, k?