Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Peach Pit Apostle

Erick (Little Cigar™) Erickson is "tired of talking about the Arizona shooting," because "[a]ll of the media handwringing over the 'tone' in the country and the 'extremist rhetoric' distracts" from the more important question of which sitting Supreme Court justice is a "goat-f*cking child molester."

But more important, all this post-massacre squeamishness over a little manly chin-music obscures the real lesson we should take from this tragedy:  Guns don't kill people.  Not paying attention to Jesus kills people.
Through it all though, well meaning people on both sides of the ideological and partisan divide are not talking about the one thing that should be talked about — a saving faith in Jesus Christ.
Giffords (and possibly several other victims) was Jewish, so apparently she was targeted not only for her support of the Affordable Care Act, but because she voted for Barabbas.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I get it: "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition--in a 30-round magazine...."