Thursday, January 13, 2011

Robin of Vanity Fair

While doing research into the recent influx of crazy conservative psychotherapists, I came across a great new article by James Wolcott about "political entertainers". And guess who is one of the featured clowns?!? Our own Robin of Berkeley! (And this comes just days after her crowning as Gay Nitwit's "Jumbo Diva Conservative Queen of the Year.")It seems that Sideshow Bob is somehow involved in Robin's meteoric rise to, um, not total obscurity. So is the owner of the Philadelphia Flyers and some guy who carried a coffin to the home of a Democratic congressman. (Yes, that does explain everything.)

Anyway, here's the part about Robin:
But [Kelsey] Grammer is also the front man for a mega-Web site/fledgling cable channel called RightNetwork, which pledges allegiance to Norman Rockwell values of Americana but has under its glossy veneer another bughouse operation. Its pundit-in-residence is Jim Hoft, who once carried a coffin to the home of Democratic congressman Russ Carnahan, and one of its frequent contributors is a ranter named Robin of Berkeley, who presents herself as psychotherapist and political leper trapped behind the enemy lines of liberalism, where conservatives have to blink at each other in Morse code for fear of being overheard and tongue-lashed by radical lesbians, and not in a good way.
So, read the whole article when you have a chance.


Scott said...

Oh, there'll be no living with RoB now.

(I sort of feel the same way about Robin's recognition by Wolcott as hardcore music fans do when a band they first discovered in some after-hours toilet scores a Top 40 hit and a major label deal. Yes, it validates your taste and your scouting eye, but it really hurts to see 'em sell-out, man.)

heydave said...

Speaking of sell outs, I used to be amused by Grammer's character in Cheers, then in ever diminishing levels in Frasier. At some point the coke and the attitude really kicked in to create a new level of suckitude.

Now I guess Robin will be spoiled by her new found notoriety and act really fucked up.

preznit said...

which pledges allegiance to Norman Rockwell values of Americana

since when did that involve dumping your wife of 13+ years, getting your new girlfriend pregnant before getting divorced and not calling your kids on Fathers day when you're out of town? guess newt gingrich was busy

Dark Avenger said...

Kelsey Grammer is refusing to enter a public slanging match with his estranged wife Camille as the reality TV star continues to poke fun at the actor and speak out about their bitter break-up.

The former "Frasier" star walked out on Camille last year and is now engaged to marry new girlfriend Kayte Walsh.

Grammer has yet to comment about the split and the reasons for it, and he insists that taunting from his soon-to-be ex-wife will not prompt feedback.

The "no comment" statement from the actor's publicist comes after Camille hinted at her estranged husband's quirky sex likes during an interview on radio presenter Howard Stern's show on Wednesday.

She implied that Grammer likes to wear women's clothing and then refused to deny the claim as Stern and his team pried for more information.

Camille told Stern, "He likes being with women, but there's something between us that didn't click," before stating that starring in drag queen musical "La Cage aux Folles" on Broadway was the "right play" for her estranged husband.

papa zita said...

Grammer first creeped me out when he started aping Jack Benny and wouldn't stop. Everything he's done since has been even worse.

(My first exposure to Scott's formulation was the reverse of his. I watching Steel Breeze. They did Loverboy covers and weren't anything to be excited about. When they had a hit I thought, "Them?" and immediately told everyone they would be a one-hit wonder).

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big teevee fan and have a hatred of sitcoms that burns red hot for all their fluffy white-middle class assumptions, their sexism and their overt simplicity and boxiness.

I've seen the Frasier show in pieces and really, really tried to like it but couldn't.

I like fine wine, I play piano, I like antiques and art and all that. But I don't live in a posh NYC apartment and I'm also not a closet queer like Frasier's character and his weird sidekick seemed to be. Like all sitcoms I always felt, "Alright, just get on with it dammit, kiss him and tell him you love him!"

Why did this country that loves them some wingnut hate like chocolate fall in love with a show that starred two guys that acted like closet lovers one step away from running away with eachother? I just don't get it.

When I learned that Grammer was a wingnut I felt sort of like I did when I learned that whatshisname Dancing with Wolves actor --- a let down and another confirmation that too much money owned by one person is the root of all evil. I'm not a christian, but Jesus really was spot on.

In other words, to me, Grammer just represents the entire charade this country is willing to fall under --- a charade that makes fun of reality and makes fun of the truth as if it really doesn't matter in the end.

But it does.

Anonymous said...

I'm not proud of this and will only admit it anonymously, but I've watched Real housewives of Beverly Hills(thanks Gawker!) and Camille Grammer seems like a really awful horrible person.The question becomes "How on earth did he stay with her for thirteen years?"

papa zita said...

Hint: Look below at Michael and Diane Medved. Toxic is something wingnuts apparently want in a relationship. That, or they're so equally awful the only other person in the world who can stand them is their spouse.

Anonymous said...

Point taken papa z. If he lived with her for so many years he must be truly vile inside.