Monday, March 7, 2011

Dr. Judith Reisman, Professor of Molecular Pornology

You may remember Dr. Judith Reisman, discoverer of the "eroto-toxin," the poisonous brain chemical created by French postcards and nudist camp magazines:  “Pornography triggers a myriad of endogenous, internal, natural drugs that mimic the ‘high’ from a street drug. Addiction to pornography is addiction to what I dub erototoxins – mind altering drugs produced by the viewer’s own brain”  Dr. Reisman achieved her breakthrough despite a scandalous lack of support from the medical community, which was probably just jealous of her Ph.D in communications.
Close your legs, Dearie, or I'll get a trowel and Spackle over that hole myself.

In addition to inventing neurotransmitters and playing one of the Baldwin Sisters on The Waltons, Dr. Reisman is also an accomplished statistician:
[H]omosexual "recruitment is loud; it is clear; it is everywhere." She estimated the homosexual population at the time to be 1-2% but predicted at least 20% (and possibly over 30%) "of the young population will be moving into homosexual activity" as a result of recruitment.
That's a hell of an ROI, homos -- and in a slow economy, too!  Nice job.  But it's not queer pyramid schemes that presently concern the Doctor.  Nope, this week it's good old fashioned slut shaming.
Prosecute 'Planned Promescuity'! 
Will the U.S. Senate finally do right and defund the Planned Promiscuity sect commonly known as "Planned Parenthood"? After defunding, let us finally see prosecution of this allegedly "scientific" sex cult – a cult that credentials itself.
Where does this cult get off doing mad science and tampering in God's domain, without first obtaining an advanced degree in Speech and Drama?
For decades, Planned Parenthood leaders made millions by killing unborn babies, even doing so to cover up the rape of children. Now gutsy young pro-lifers have proven PP commonly aids in child sex trafficking.
You'd think the Justice Department would have raided the joint by now.  But law enforcement in this country is corrupt, as witnessed by the fact that Sheriff Bridges never arrested the Baldwin Sisters for distilling their "recipe."
My new book, "Sexual Sabotage," addresses this issue in detail, but below I'll just note how Planned Parenthood has suborned child prostitution since 1974.
What does that mean?  Well, I'm sorry, but you'll have to read Judith's book to find out.  Stopping a 37-year old child prostitution ring is important, sure, but a lady's gotta cover her nut.
Right now, note that the Planned Parenthood website commends Al Kinsey as its human sexuality expert while hiding his team's documented history of brutal child sex atrocities.
Judith over-promises a teensy bit here, as the link just goes to a page of basic information on sexual orientation, which includes an explanation of the Kinsey Scale ("Alfred Kinsey developed the Kinsey scale as a way of describing a person’s sexual orientation").  Or maybe she feels that "brutal child sex atrocities" include "admitting that homosexuality exists."

And anyway, what does Kinsey have to do with funding Planned Parenthood for Fiscal 2011?  Well...nothing, really, but Kinsey's corpse has had a long, intimate, and involuntary relationship with Dr. Reisman:
Allegations against Alfred Kinsey and his research on children's sexual responses, as reported in Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, were first made in 1981 by Dr. Judith Reisman. She subsequently enlarged on these ideas in a book written jointly with Edward Eichel and published in 1990 (Kinsey, Sex, and Fraud). When The Kinsey Institute responded, Reisman filed suit in 1991 against The Kinsey Institute, then director June Reinisch, and Indiana University, alleging defamation of character and slander. In September 1993, Reisman's lawyer withdrew from the case, and in June 1994 the court dismissed Reisman's case with prejudice (which means that Reisman is prohibited from refiling the suit).
Oh, I'm sorry -- Dr. Reisman does point out the connection between Planned Parenthood and Dr. Kinsey:
These are the lies that opened our schoolrooms to Planned Parenthood sex-ed "teachers." Kinsey's unquestioned "data" were gleaned from children he and his team violated around the clock for the screams Kinsey called "orgasms." His youngest victim here is 5 months old.

You see above Kinsey's written confessions as a sexual psychopath, a sado-masochistic pedophile, a bi/homosexual pornography addict. Yet Kinsey's Planned Parenthood and similar sheep have crafted and directed sex education and the human sexuality curriculum for much of the Western world for over six decades.
So I hope you trollops think about those round-the-clock infant orgasms the next time you're getting your mani-pedi-pap smears, or whatever sinful decadence you indulge in when you treat yourself to a trip to Planned Parenthood.
Still, Planned Parenthood quotes all of Kinsey's research as viable "data" taught to teachers, students, judges, mental-health professionals and lawmakers worldwide. Kinsey's Planned Parenthood cultists were charged with carrying out illegal, late-term abortions by Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline, many to hide the rapes of minor girls. For trying to protect children, Kline was charged with violating the Kansas Rules of Professional Conduct.
Well, he certainly sounds trustworthy, as charges of professional ethics violations always inspire confidence.  Still, they're just charges, and I'm not going to cosign that car loan for him unless he proves to me that he's reliable enough to get disbarred.
Kline's lawyers might prove Planned Parenthood's "scientific" lies by screening its guru's Table 34 before the Kansas Supremes, then quoting Planned Parenthood's current "Sexual Orientation at a Glance."
I certainly hope Kline's attorneys employ this strategy of impeaching Planned Parenthood by mentioning they mention homosexuality.  Because their client hasn't exactly been a bumper crop of help so far:
In 2010 the Kansas Supreme Court Disciplinary Administrator brought formal professional ethics charges against Kline before the Kansas Supreme Court based on perjury, an illegal file transfer, misleading legal guidance that Kline had provided to the Grand Jury in the Johnson County clinic case...Kline's ethics trial began on February 21, 2011. In his testimony, Kline claimed that he had the right to deceive state agencies to gain information in abortion investigations and that he had no duty to promptly notify a trial judge that he had provided flawed information.
But Planned Parenthood's greatest crime of all, is that by existing, they've forced the religious right to spend time and money persecuting them.
Planned Parenthood's criminally deviant sexuality programs have drained the time, talent and treasure of conservative religious organizations for decades.
This is a similar to the burden born by members of the KKK, back in the Klan's heydey.  Most night riders would probably have preferred to relax at home, but the presence of uppity Negroes on Earth obliged them to gallop around in a homespun burnoose made from the wife's best sheets, and risking a rash from constant exposure to a combination of sweat, laundry starch, and Florida Water eau de cologne.
Planned Parenthood quotes "expert" Alfred Kinsey to prove all forms of "sexual orientation" are "perfectly normal," while "homophobia" causes suicide and violent crimes, etc.
And wife-beating can produce fatigue, muscle soreness, and rotator cuff tears in middle aged men, but you rarely hear the wives apologize for causing these injuries, even when they haven't had their jaws broken.
Standing on Kinsey's "work," Planned Parenthood claims "Coming Out" is legitimate, and sexual orientation is naturally fluid, while dodging the role played by sexual abuse, fatherlessness and/or its own deceitful propaganda in precipitating bi/homosexuality.
Given that our economy, if not our entire society, is based on deceitful propaganda, it's amazing that there's a single straight guy left in this country (and explains why Charlie Sheen has to pull double shifts, taking on an extra goddess just because one of you gullible Gus's swallowed the PP phallophile propaganda!
So, I say, lets get into the courtroom with evidence of Planned Parenthood's history of defrauding the state via decades of crimes against children. 
And get another case dismissed with prejudice!
And, let the games begin!
 I'm still not entirely clear on the process by which family planning brochures turn dudes into sword-swallowers and chicks into clam-diggers, but then I never studied the life sciences.  Neither did Dr. Reisman, but at least she's got an advanced degree from the inHumanities.


Woodrowfan said...

didn't she start her career by claiming that Playboy was child porn, mainly by counting how many kids appeared in Playboy's cartoons??

Anonymous said...

Won't somebody think of the children!!!?!?!!!111

Bogie said...

As the Covert Comic says: "For a while I thought I was bisexual, but only because I tend to get "bi" and "semi" mixed up."

Jay B. said...

I get the feeling that Playboy drawings aside, she saw Bea Arthur out there, all Maude Power like and said, that bitch is getting so much play, there's gotta be an ecological niche for her doppleganger to have the exact opposite message.

All she's missing is the beard.

Anonymous said...

Woodrowfan said...
"Playboy was child porn, mainly by counting how many kids appeared in Playboy's cartoons??

Maybe not child porn, but as a boy I did learn most of what I know about sex from the cartoons in Playboy. A few of them took me years to understand, and those were the funniest...although I'm still a little bit traumatized by the horny old lady with the saggy breasts. Did she have a name?

Scott said...

The character was called "Granny," and was the work of African-American cartoonish Robert "Buck" Brown (probably NSFW).

Anonymous said...

I have to deduct points from her essay because she didn't mention Margaret Sanger or eugenics. Talk about a fail!

David in NYC said...

I can never remember: does "bi/homosexuality" mean you do it twice as often or half as often? You know, like the difference between "bi-weekly" and "semi-weekly".

Anonymous said...

Judith Riesman--another argument FOR Planned Parenthood.

jim said...

Wow. Girlfriend ought to have all her wisdom on one website - & call it SexCube. com.


"precipitating bi/homosexuality" = it's raining queers!

James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

Planned Parenthood's criminally deviant sexuality programs have drained the time, talent and treasure of conservative religious organizations for decades.

Seems to me you could get a sizable chunk of it back just by cutting the scare quotes down to two or three sets per sentence.

Anonymous said...

AnnPW here.

"Dr." Reisman has that Church Lady thing down pat, doesn't she.

D. Sidhe said...

I don't want to be an asshole or anything, but if we as a nation can't prosecute a child rape without making some ten year old give birth to her own sister, it's because we're just fucking not trying. Which, for the record, we're not. Because, you know, she was probably asking for it anyway, and it's not a real crime, anyway, like someone stealing things from you or something.

As to Lila fucking Rose, the only crime that should have been prosecuted there was the admitted sexual trafficking by Lila and her pals. It ought to at least be investigated. Instead, what we learned was that if Planned Parenthood reports they have pimps coming in looking to secure medical care for underage whores, that nobody will do anything about it. Awesome incentive to report, isn't it.

I'd go on my rant about how this is all apparently predicated on the notion that underage whores don't deserve to have their STDs cured or their injuries treated or to be allowed anywhere near a doctor who might actually be able to help them in any way, but I think we all know that's EXACTLY how these motherfuckers feel.

Christ, I hate these people. This is all just as fucking cynical as the "post abortion trauma" people. Let's ignore these icky women and their ladypart problems until we have a big enough pile of dead bodies to use as a soapbox.


Bill S said...

D. Sidhe, I think you're being too lenient.

Brian Schlosser said...

@D Sidhe: Hypothetical underage whores are a precious resource that must be protected at all costs!

You said everything I wanted to say about Lila Fucking Rose, so I have nothing to add.

Except... "Screaming Infant Orgasms" would make a great band name

Woodrowfan said...

what D. Sidhe said...

D. Sidhe said...

To be fair, Bill, it did take me two whole days to say anything that wasn't just a string of curse words.

Anonymous said...

You people need to read more then just what is on this blog. Dr. Reisman has done extensive research, and I fear she is very correct about what she reports.
This site, stating that it is Crap, doesn't make it so.
Do your own research, think for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

This article is playing shoot the messenger, because they know deep down that Dr. Judith Reisman's work is correct.

Scott said...

I'm afraid the courts, the consensus of the scientific community, and plain old common sense take issue with "Dr." Reisman's expectorations.

annonnonomous said...

@ Anonymous' comments, I have done the research.
She has essentially been committing slander against Kinsey and planned parenthood. Read what Kinsey actually wrote. Read what planned parenthood actually do. You know, provide much needed health care to women.
Oh, the audacity of these people!

"Dr" *snickers* Judith Reisman (I believe that cheapens the word doctor and is an insult to actual Doctors/People with Doctorates, who's with me?) likens pedophilia to homosexuality. A viewpoint shredded by actual reputable people in the field. You know, the ones doing actual research. Just because the conclusions of said research happen to conflict your own prejudice you hold against gay people, doesn't magically make it untrue.

Also, the anti-gay "people" who use scientific research in order to prove their argument have the same people who did the work complain on the record that their work/s have been misrepresented.

Sorry about the rant, but, I for one, am sick of these people spreading lies and committing slander/libel against people they haven't even met.

Anonymous said...

What research, she has done NONE. She has just vomited out her ancient dated stereotypes. The sooner sick people like her and her ilk die off, a better place the world will become.