Tuesday, November 6, 2012

These Suffragettes Are Taking Things a LITTLE Too Far

As a bit of inspiration to see you through the end of a long and exhausting campaign season, I give you Mrs. Lucile Wheat, who we find exercising her franchise on August 26, 1930, the first election in which voting machines were used in Los Angeles.

So I guess we should be thankful that while these newfangled touch-screen devices may be tricky to operate, at least they don't require you to dress like a Smurf.


Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

Abbreviated costumes! Shocking!

Jimbo said...

Or, in this case, Smurfette, the only female character in the original bunch.

Li'l Innocent said...

Well, you figure California being what it is, with wimmins voting since 1911 already and things, it's a wonder she's wearing anything at all. As it is, looks like dropped by on her way to the beach.

We voted today on our way back from our lawyer's office. We were fully clothed. Not the same ambiance at all. The poll worker, a nice black lady of experienced years, said it had been steady all day, but they were expecting the big crunch to start about 5 pm, just a little while ago in fact. Our county (OldNewJerseyMoneyshire) will go Rep as usual, but our town, which as noted above contains other than Caucasians, will go Dem.

Kathy said...

The bathing/swim-cap is a little puzzling.

Carl said...

They should have put those levers much lower.

Anonymous said...

Having her picture taken in her quite-daring swimming costume & accompanying neuter-friendly swim cap is one brave feat, but to do it AT THE POLLS --- what a brazen hussy!

I know that it gets hot and smuggy and humid in Hell Lay, but really, did she HAVE to vote in her swimsuit? Or were they just trying to make voting "sexier"? Granted, swing and a miss, but still --- the motivation puzzles me.

And if I'm not mistaken, Montana, which, of course went for Mittuns Teh Moron tonight, was the first state to give wimmenfolk the right to vote. Granted, as we all know, I can be VERY EASILY mistaken, but I don't think so this time.

And yes, to even my nicest neighbors' shock and probable horror, I *did* brave the 38F night air and go out onto the front porch and do a very abbreviated/cripple-friendly version of the Wicked Vindictive Dance Of Illicit Monkey-Love Victory as soon as I saw what I could of the (HA!) "live streaming" by Google/YouTube/Yahoo/Disney's-Whining-Little-Republicunt-Bitch-Boys-Of-ABC-what-used-to-be-"news" of Willard's bitchy, passive-aggressive-bitter-waitress-who-spits-in-yer-food-even-if-she-KNOWS-that-yer-gonna-tip-well, barely-acknowledging-my-"half-mud-race" PRESIDENT so-called "concession" blather and then, eventually and FINALLY, my President HIMSELF, in fits and starts like a full-color flip-book that drove me BATSHIT. I might've thrown a LITTLE more hip/effort into the dance if I'd been able to be SUITABLY caught-up in the President's victory speech, but having to see still-shot after still-shot with fits-and-starts audio REALLY IS A CLIT-KILLER FOR A WOMAN WHO FUCKING LIVES (if you can call this a "life") FOR FUCKING POLITICS!!!!

Yes, I'm happy, duh. But I'd have been HAPPIER if that whole myth of "live streaming video/audio" ACTUALLY FUCKING WORKED, much like Mittuns hisself, who's never broken an actual sweat outside of a squash court, or hit a lick of work at a fucking SNAKE, as they say up in Redneckistan.

Congrats to our President, to Unca Joe (wouldn't you just KILL to have heard Joe UNLEASHED AND UNCENSORED, against that uppity little PRICKLET Ryan at their debate?!?!? For once, I was damned proud of Jason Sudekis, whom I usually loathe, for how he put the proto-Ryan BACK INTO HIS FUCKING BOOSTER-SEAT PLACE on SNL... "That's Irish..." was THE PERFECT fucking set-up and the flawles fucking smack-down, and I wish to hell that it had happened in real life!), to all of the Congressional & local Democrats/libruls of many flavors who won tonight, and congratulations to us as a country for giving enough of a fuck to still CARE, even if the electoral college is STILL a flaming fucking JOKE.

Dammit, I wish that I was at a victory party tonight... even if all of the cute, employed guys anywhere near my age are already married and/or gay, it'd still be fun as hell! Besides, y'all never know, I could finally meet the right woman to talk me out of my retirement... whether that's a good idea or not...


Jimbo said...

I think Wyoming was the first to grant women suffrage because as an aspiring state they didn't have a large enough population to get out of the U.S. Territory ghetto if only men voted. It certainly wasn't because they were liberals.

Anonymous said...

Well, I said that I could be mistaken!

What'dja expect, a quote from the Watchtower???

(Closest Dollar General has a checker chick with those fuckers at-the-ready, ON THE REGISTER. Verrryyyy distracting when you're just trying to getcher fuckin' generic nyquil caps and get the fuck out without getting shot...)