Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Them The People

Hi Y'all, Keith here. It's dreary and damp today in my neck of the woods, so why not enjoy a romp over to WorldNetDaily and see who's hanging out in the peanut gallery?

Hey, looks like Larry Klayman has an interesting take on the election:
Many times in the history of the world, God has destroyed His people and started anew when they strayed from His word. Just ask Noah what the flood was all about!
Larry, this is a persistent problem with g*d. The terrible and unpredictable temper tantrums revealing a disturbed, conflated narrative (too many script-doctors, etc).

And "what if" we were able to ask Noah about the flood? Might he have said: "Best pipe I ever boogied down with -- dawg!"? But before delving deeper into this, we advise that if you are quoting the word of g*d, please use a capital letter for "Word." He/She would appreciate the thought. Remember, Larry, the universe began with the "Word" (Logos).
This time, even with the floods of Hurricane Sandy and the re-election of the President Barack Hussein Obama, God has spared us for the moment. Instead God has sent a dire warning and encouraged We the People to rise up, in His name, to restore His kingdom.
Larry, again, and I don't mean to be a nit-picker, but it's "His Kingdom." WTF is wrong with your shift key?
Had Mitt Romney been elected president, many among the flock would have been lulled asleep and deluded into thinking that a Moses had appeared to deliver us out of the Egyptian-like bondage we find ourselves in --- thanks to our "Mullah in Chief" and his growing voter hoards of socialists, communists, anti-Semites, anti-Christians, atheists, radical gays and lesbians, feminists, illegal immigrants, Muslims, anti-Anglo whites and others who last Tuesday cemented his destructive hold on the White House and our country.
Oh Larry, not Moses ... not after Noah. Many of the flock would have dozed off watching reruns of "Antiques Roadshow" or emptying their toasters of crumbs. And while not an historian of antiquity, did you ever consider that Egyptian-like bondage might be fun? Besides, what is an "anti-Anglo white" exactly, would you please?
It is now clear that there is no Republican Moses. 
 "Because I'm dead."
Indeed, if Mitt Romney could go back in time, he should have first advocated putting the Grand Ol' Party into bankruptcy, along with Chrysler and GM.
Larry, false on two accounts. Charlton Heston was and will forever claim the title of the Republican Moses,  just as Jeffery Hunter will always be anointed the Republican Jesus.
Jesus or Thor?  You make the call!

In addition, Chrysler in particular is doing very well and GM is doing respectably well. Ford never required a bailout. Which of these is your broker shorting for you today?
Now, with this latest stunning political defeat, the party has finally had its last hurrah and is dead once and for all. Good riddance!
My sentiments, exactly. Larry, you be spot on, bro!
The bottom line is this: Americans of faith and those who believe in capitalism and hard work as the means to achieve, not "Atlas Shrugged"-portrayed government handouts, have now seen their country taken over largely by uneducated and lazy morons, goons and thugs who want to dismantle all our Founding Fathers conceived of and fought for.
Gee, the last moronic, goonish thug I remember who wanted to dismantle the Republic was ... Ayn Rand?
And, their hateful Marxist desire to destroy Western civilization is not limited to the "Great Satan" the United States, but to its biblical Judeo-Christian roots, embodied in the nation of Israel.
Mr. Klayman, let me remind you that Marxism is a product of Western Civ. Don't go into trading commodities without having read the first half of "Capital." Really. You'll get burned.

Now, this column would have concluded, due to disinterest, except your next paragraph actually produces a bit of a "buzz" and a challenge!
With no racial slur intended, but only to employ the same lingo used sarcastically by many of Obama's supporters to describe their past plight, if we do nothing and simply look to future elections to restore the nation, we will soon become the "new niggers," relegated to the back of the bus -- as the bus speeds away to quickly fall over the fiscal, social and moral cliff. African-Americans were right when they said this years ago, and we're now right to feel the same way today.
Well, that's quite something. We need to parse this ...

First, in my conservative, Southern Baptist household nothing would get you to the "woodshed" faster than using the "N"-word. We may have been a dysfunctional family but we did have some decency.

Second, the white male is already the Jew of liberal fascism -- can't you be satisfied with that?  Topping off the Suburban Shoah with a dollop of blanched Jim Crow seems a bit piggy, as though you were making your third trip to the All You Can Eat Outrage Buffet.

Lastly, Mr. Klayman, have you ever taken the bus (any bus) anywhere? If you have, where the fuck do you get off?


Kathy said...

Their underlying fear seems to be that when white men are really a disempowered minority they'll be treated just the way they treated everyone else. And Jeez, are they Scared!

Anonymous said...

"who want to dismantle all our Founding Fathers conceived of and fought for." The Founding Fathers were a bunch of drunks (see "Alcoholic Nation"). For example, John Adams was so damn quarrelsome because he drank a tankard of hard cider (equivalent to four beers) every morning as part of his breakfast ! And he's considered to be one of the more sober, even abstemious, Founders.

Jimbo said...

You find yourself in a bus crash, you want to be in the back of the bus. That said, this guy is really free-floating religious wing-nuttery, distilled essence of such.

Debbi said...

Jeffery Hunter makes such an awesome blue-eyed Jesus!

Grung_e_Gene said...


For instance U can not wait for the round up of the White Man's Guns and then Marching them to FEMA Camps!

Carl said...

Clearly, Sandy was a warning to Americans not to elect the idiot who believed in Moronsi

scripto said...

"what is an "anti-Anglo white" exactly"

That would be me - Irish Lithuanian. Fuck the Angles and the Saxons.

Thursday said...

Wow - I never realized how much time and how many pixels were wasted om Goldberg's book.

I'm going to go follow John Adams' example, as suggested by Anon up there.

Thursday said...

These folks are the same folks whose intellectual elite *pauses, shakes head sadly* speak on television about the Republicans adopting Reagan's Southern Strategy to improve their standing with voters.

No, seriously.

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Sorry to be so late to the party, Keith. Well done. And y'know, I'm made-up of 8 or 9 different races who've had their collective asses, throughout history, kicked and/or tortured to death by the English, but I've never seen the fucking point of putting it into all-caps.

...and yes, we all know how much Annti LOOOOOVVVVVESSSS all-caps, don't we chirren.