Sunday, September 6, 2015

Happy (Belated) Birthday, D.Sidhe!

Okay, I'm still one day behind, and there's no time to catch up, because the birthdays are rolling relentlessly toward me like a tsunami of amniotic fluid! But perhaps today (meaning yesterday) will provide some respite, since D.Sidhe declined the traditional accoutrements (sexy people, sucky food) in favor of Moondoggie pics. And maybe a lizard.

Can do!

"I'm the meat in my own sandwich..."

"My dreams are a Kama Sutra of tiger-on-tiger action...!"

"I could be the new Maru. There's no reason I can't.  This is America -- I could be President if I wanted to. For all I know, I am."

"I'm...I'm having a moment of pure epiphany! I'm afraid this may be impossible for your tiny, unenlightened minds to grasp, but let's just involves chicken skin."

"Oh, oh...I'm stuck between a duvet and a soft place. Did you guys see 127 Hours? Totally like that. I guess you're just gonna have to bring me my food..."

"Yeah, I know you're into your fancy camera angles an' all, but this forced perspective makes me look like I have one giant Stone Crab claw for a paw, and now I can't sleep because I'm afraid someone's gonna harvest it and suck out all my meat."

"Yeah, still trapped, and you guys haven't even brought my appetizer yet. Don't make me borrow your phone while you're in the shower and leave you a scathing Yelp review."

"Okay, wait, wait!...I'm just gonna come right out and admit that when you suggested we play "Whack-A-Mole," I didn't totally understand what I was getting into..."

And finally...

Moondoggie: First Known Photograph (2007)

And thus, by combining a Birthday post with Post-Friday Beast Blogging, I think I'm back on schedule, all thanks to the birthday girl!  So please join me in wishing our D.Sidhe the very happiest of all possible birthdays, in this, the best of all possible cat-themed birthday posts!

Bonus SBL! Hat tip to Doc Logan for today's suggested Sexy Birthday Lizard, the Cuban Knight Anole:
"Yeah? What're you lookin' at?"


M. Bouffant said...

Better late than ...

Wishing D. many more happy yrs. of SPAM!

D. Sidhe said...

Moondoggie could totally be the new Maru. That guy's been coasting for too long.

Thank you for the pictures, he's such an amiable cat, looking at him makes me happy. Nagi is jealous, but Nagi has spent the last year developing into a raging diva who can't go a full hour without demanding my attention over something, usually the sense that it's been nearly a full hour since anyone fed her and INJUSTICE!

Also, man, that is a hell of a lizard. Pugnacious and a foot long, wow. So when I was young, we had some anoles, and one of them one day decided to bite my fingertip. It wasn't a big deal, because they have teeth, which was sort of a surprise because I'd been looking at them and sort of assuming they had just a hard set of scales or something, their teeth don't especially look like teeth, too tiny. Not especially painful, but definitely weird, but then you have this lizard hanging off you, and you don't want to pull on it, because its tail will come off. So you kind of sit there waiting for it to give up or at least try another angle. Lizards don't get bored very fast. I'm trying to imagine a foot long lizard on my finger, and concluding that I got lucky with the six inches.

Feel free to take all that out of context.

Thank you for the good wishes. Happy Labor Day!

s.z. said...

Happy late birthday, D. Sidhe! I'm glad that were born, and that you're still around. All the cats at my place said to say hi too. (Well, the kitten climbed all over the keyboard, so I think that's what she meant.)

grouchomarxist said...

I showed the Moondoggie pics to our feline overlords -- currently disporting themselves upon the waterbed -- and demanded to know why they can't do cute photogenic poses like these. They just ignored me and curled up tighter. Well, okay, Ninja yawned first.

Happy belated birthday, D. Sidhe!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Happy B-Day, D. Sidhe!

Good to see Moondoggie still putting his face out there.

Li'l Innocent said...

Happy happy CaterBirthday, D! How can we ever repay you for inspiring our Genial Host to post all those Moondoggies?? So amusing, yet much more restful after a hot Labor Day, than those demanding images of vintage food he delights in, the secret sadist.

All balanced, yin-yangwise, by that green hitman. Very sexy, though I think I prefer the laidback, orange fluffy type myself. Anyway, here's to another year of opportunity, philosophy, serenity, and kittehs.

Weird Dave said...

A belated but very Happy Birthday wish to you Ms. Sidhe (and to all the Crapieas who's birthdays I've missed).

(Not only do I need to kill my boss in honer of Labor Day but please allow me to add that Microsoft sucks (although I don't know if I can really blame Bill Gates for breaking my computer, I will anyway)).

If only we had a life as simple as our cats.

Anonymous said...


Oh, WD, believe you me, I am *so* coming back as a spoiled-rotten housecat in my next life! Cats don't get bleeding ulcers or have to pay utility bills, right?

Enough carping/whining/bitching/moaning/complaining --- D!!! So sorry that I missed your birfday, honey, 'cause of all of the rat-fucker alleged "hoomins" polluting this planet, you are the good kryptonite to so much of their evil bullshit. I'm glad that you decided to visit this planet around the same time that I became stranded here, I mean. Damned grateful for it, actually. Hope that yours was a happy happy joy joy kinda day & night, and that you got all of the lovin' & huggin' & kissin' & kitteh-love (or lizard-love, whatever works for ya...) in the whole wide world, much as it sucks.

And Scott, much like our friend Mentis, you have an inimitable/truly original way of always being able to make me smile, no matter what. Those Moondoggie pix were just the trick. I'll spare you the doldrums & travesties, but I am so warm & sunshiny after seeing that beautiful boy, we have GOT to figure-out a way to bottle that shit and SELL IT!!!

Love & Happy-happy joy-joy to errybody!
--Yer Ranty Aunty Annti

Doc Logan said...

Thanks to an internet connection I wouldn't wish on the wackiest wingnut, I arrive considerably more than fashionably late to the party, but since Moondoggie posed for a fantastic series of pictures and the Knight Anole put in an appearance (don't worry, he's a nice guy, Knight Anoles are the Don Rickles of the Anolis family), I'm sure D.Sidhe had a magnificent natal anniversary, one that is astoundingly well deserved.