Friday, April 22, 2016

Farewell, Prince

So my friend Elizabeth, who is the only person I know for a fact is more bummed than I about Prince's death, posted the following section of an elegiac Twitter thread...

...and added:
I think "HE JUST DIED JOYCE" needs to become a meme.
I agreed and shared her post to get the ball rolling, and within minutes Evan Hurst of Wonkette came through:

So there you go, Internet. Be fruitful and multiply.


ckc (not kc) said...

...perhaps dead is what a "Full_TIme_Mummy" thinks of as "ok"

Scott said...

Very likely, especially since Joyce, according to her Twitter homepage, is also a YUGE Trump supporter.

Li'l Innocent said...

Wow, you mean T-Rump even has supporters amongst the Embalmed? What's next, werewolves? (I wonder what the general undead beef with mainstream politics is. Too many Chupacabras making it across the border?)

'RenB said...

hope i have the right place here. i just heard from Annti after nearly three month's silence. She asked me to tell you all that she is still going on, and under less than happy circumstances. That she misses you all. She snuck out to get to the library to let me know about how she was thinking of my father, who died a year and a half ago. Who else but Annti would be so kind when she is currently cut off from the nets.
i don't know most of the people here, but if any of you have her e-mail addy, drop her a line and she will see it the next time she can get out from the claws of her terrible fambly.

mission accomplished.