Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hear No (Okay, Some) Evil

Hey guys, Episode 20 of The Slumgullion is out! And boy is that a confusing sentence for people who subscribe through iTunes and know the show actually came out on November 18. So I'm late with the announcement, but then the show was also late, and I like the carpet to match the drapes, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, it's a Very Special Episode, featuring Special Guest Stars who are universally known and loved, at least by those who followed the old All-Star Summer Jamboree (ASSJAM) podcast, where I started as but a lowly intern. Check it out.
The Slumgullion Episode 20 “Peter Hooten is an Earthbound God”
Starring Scott Clevenger and Jeff Holland
Special Guests: Mary Clevenger, John Szura, Blanche Ramirez and ?
Music by Lynn Ahrens
You may have thought the recent election is the most surprising thing to ever happen, but this episode actually has it beat.
It’s the New Movie Crew (Coming right at you!)! Today’s topic: Doctor Strange.  Scott, Jeff and Mary handle the non spoiler discussion after Jeff proves he knows very little about Harry Potter.  There is an educational break.  The SPOILER discussion of Doctor Strange features Scott, John, Blanche, and two immortal alien stoners.
Although they’re not really here, as you’ll hear.
Strap yourselves in, nuggets.  This is an E Ticket.

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Anonymous said...

ANNTI sez...

I've never been much for talk radio, radio serials, radio plays, shows, etc. of that long-gone pre-TV era, or NPR, honestly. I know, it is sacrilege, to admit, as a lifelong librul, that I do not enjoy the wisdom and undoubtedly limitless educational value of NPR, but there ya have it. So I hope that y'all will understand if I never download a podcast and do not take it as a criticism or lack of interest in whatever y'all are discussing to, undoubtedly, great and hilarious results. It just ain't my schtick and I don't even have an ipod. Love to all, though. And may the shits & giggles be with you.

But I haven't set foot in a movie theater since last year's RHPS for Halloween (*sigh*), and if I accomplish nothing else this year (as this year seems to have indicated...), I *do* want to sit what remains of my once-legendary ass in an actual movie theater and watch my long-distance honey-bunny in that Marvel flick, Stan Lee be damned. Nope, never was into comics, but comics weren't really made FOR girls back then, now were they? And don't mention Veronica and whatserface and Archie the ego, I'll ralph-up the highest-quality cornbread dressing made on this planet to date. And "JEM," far as I know, was never a comic book.

So even though it WILL be putting money in the insufferably-greedy pockets of one "Stan Lee," (THE worst nom de plume IN HISTORY, I might add!) it'll be worth it, just to watch Benedict Cumberbatch in greater-than-life-size. I don't even care if the movie sucks. I missed the Star Trek reboot because I find the entire concept heretical, and like Marvel's run of prequels & sequels, entirely motivated by GREED, not to add anything TO the Star Trek canon, merely to cannibalize the original for millennials & their easily-burnt-up credit cards. Besides, Nimoy's gone, and without him, well, FUCKIT.

(Though, I must say, I was a great fan of the TNG Star Trek flicks, and when they FINALLY fucking KILLED SHATNER, I stood up from my seat and CHEERED!!! I thought that the day would NEVER COME!!!)

There were plenty of miles left in the TNG cast, but they've just been thrown away like so many red-shirted EXTRAS, so fuck whomever owns ST nowadays, anyway, probably fucking SONY. Imagine what Lucille Ball would think of her little Desilu project NOW, kiddos... *sigh SO NO, to explain the Star Trek side-trip, I did NOT avail myself of the opportunity to see my honey-bunny nearly-nekkid as the vestigial/heretical re-incarnation of Khan. I find the whole new Star Trek reboot unnecessary, greed-whore redundant, and about as imaginative as a furry convention.

So please, I don't care whatever else you spoil about Doctor Strange, as I have no fucking clue whatsoever as to its origin story/ies, plot or character development, I just wanna go and sit in the dark and drool over Benedict Cumberbatch, k? Just please don't tell me that I should wait for the fucking video or straight-to-Direct-TV-On-Demand releases.