Sunday, January 15, 2017

Leopold and Michelob

Put your feet up, crack open a beer, and listen as Season 2 of The Slumgullion debuts with two separate looks at sociopathic thrill killers (and Love, American Style).

We begin with a fairy tale by writer Indy McDaniel, who proves, with geometric logic, that Jeff is an idiot for liking Rogue One. Then we  eulogize Carrie Fisher, play the Sigmund Freud Movie Title Word Association Game, then Jeff and Mary run off into a corner and recap the final season of the TV series Bones while I'm left to empty the ashtrays and put all the beer bottles into the recyclables bin.

Finally, this week's Unknown Movie Challenge is a double header of movies inspired by Leopold and Loeb: Alfred Hitchcock's Rope (1948) - a lush, glossy Technicolor production that's ultimately evasive, gimmicky, and claustrophobic - and Compulsion (1958) a gritty, low budget black and white flick with class, sass, and the big brass balls necessary to take Rope's ten year old timidity about homosexual relations and just flat out play the queer stuff straight.
It makes for an interesting topic, so please drop by our new website and check out the merchandise (including the actual merchandise, since we now have two distinct flavors of themed coffee mugs for sale: one that will enrage ancient Hillbilly Vikings, and one that is almost guaranteed to irritate leprechauns. Choose wisely)


Unknown said...

Mary, I am overjoyed to find a fellow Bones fan. I wasn't sure whether I could admit to being into it, but now that I know you are too, I thank FSM, know it's cool.
Internet gossip has it at 1 Wedding and 2 Funerals this season with (I'm sorry) Zack as the other victim. Well, we'll see. I am going to miss these people like crazy, I just know it.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Zack, Noooooo!
Glad to know another Bones fan too, Sue!