Sunday, January 29, 2017

Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The ¡No Pasarán! Edition

SCOTT:  Better pack up the aromatherapy underpants, Moondoggie. Looks like you might get deported.

MOONDOGGIE: Whaaat? Why?

SCOTT: Because you were never extremely vetted; we don't know where you came from. Sorry, but this is Trump's America now.

MOONDOGGIE: Well...I'm white and orange, so I should be okay.

MOONDOGGIE: Besides, if they want me, they'll have to go through her.

SCOTT: Who...?



Anonymous said...

He may not be extremely vetted, but he has been (and always will be) extremely petted

Anonymous said...

ANNTI sez...

Looking into Shadow's eyes, that is NOT a bodyguard with whom ANYONE with even half a brain cell would wish to fuck. Not making bestiality jokes, just saying that, like most females of the feline species (plural), she means BIDNESS and she will NOT hesitate to rip out the jugular of any human or critter who endangers her pet boy. After all, the wimmenfolk of all feline species ALWAYS do all of the heavy lifting, kiling, toting the kills back to the communal dining area, leaving dead mice in your outdoor shoes/on the doormat, etc. Lionesses do all of the work, lions get all of the P.R. and the good hair. Typical.