Thursday, October 31, 2019

Dr. Tongue's House of 3-D Apathy

ME: Look upon this fearsome black cat! Harbinger of evil! Mistress of the dead! She is known as Shadow and her name is spoken only in dread whispers! FEAR HER!

SHADOW: I refuse to participate in this bullshit.

ME: C'mon, it's Halloween--

SHADOW: Fuck off.

All right, fine. Mary's the one with the holiday mojo, but she's been out of town this week caring for her mother and my efforts to enlist the cats in some Halloween hijinks have clearly fallen flat. So I guess I'll just make a drink and go watch It or Them! or some other pronoun-themed horror flick. Hell, maybe I'll get drunk enough to go for a noun (albeit starting slow, with a vague one) and put on The Thing.

Happy Halloween guys.


Joan Parmer said...

Ninja, our black cat kind of agrees with Shadow. The most silly he's been all evening is to jump in a box, duck down so he could not be seen by Skitter. He would peek over the edge once in a while. It did not get the desired results as she just walked away. Oh well.
They are presently curled up one one the couch, the other on a cushion on the exercise bike.
We are watching X the Unknown.

M. Bouffant said...


Anonymous said...


Happy Halloween a tad late. I hope you and Shadow had an appropriately terrifying time.

Please give my love to Shadow, Moondoggie, MaryC and Scott. I miss you all.

Live long and Thrive.