Saturday, October 22, 2011

Peanut - In Memoriam

As you may have seen in comments, our friend KWillow recently lost her beloved cat Peanut.  We asked if we might post a photo in tribute, and she sent along this rather Churchillian portrait:
I have it on good authority that she was not only very striking, with an expressive face redolent of character and authority, but also "The Pea-nuttiest Cat In The World!"


M. Bouffant said...

Oh, ++sucky!

And such a distinctive cat, who obviously loved you very much.

KWillow, I too have been much more distraught about the deaths of cats than either of my parents. Perhaps it's that they have such a short time w/ us, or that, unlike parents & other humans, they're never evil, & always do just what they should, as cats, do (even if it isn't always perfect when living w/ people).

Kathy said...

Thank you Scott, for posting Peanut's photo. It was one of the few good ones. She was camera-shy. Heh.

I did not realize how much my daily routine involved her, the morning & evening meals, letting her in/out of my bedroom 3 or 4 times a night, placing a towel just so for her to sit on. Feeling her tail swhap me on the neck as she perched behind be on the chair. And of course, the cat box cleanings...

My parent's passing away was expected. I'd been grieving for years as I saw their health decline. Both were in their 80's. I was happy both were able to die at home in their own beds.

Peanut was so fast! One day trotting around the new house poking her nose into the cupboards, finding a comfortable perch on the staircase where she wouldn't be stepped on... then she was sick, very sick; couldn't stand up. Vet said kidneys and various other age-related problems. Cruel to keep her alive. No time to come to terms with having her gone.

My husband, sweetheart that he is, not only dug a grave for her under a pine tree, he made a nice graveled path, set up a bench near her marker, and assured me she'd be happier here in the "new" (to us) house. I know she's gone, much as I'd like to imagine her ghost watching or even chasing the local Quail or Jays...

Lucy The Wonder Dog said...

I am very sorry your Peanut had to go at such a relatively young age.

I had Alice Springs until she was 17, and I thought that was too soon.

Debbi said...

I'm so sorry about Peanut. It's hard to bear the loss of a cat at any age. I've owned cats for years and been through the drill a few times myself. It never gets any easier.

But to die so relatively young! And, with those Churchillian features, Peanut must have been wise beyond her years.

Life sucks sometimes. Period. :(

D. Sidhe said...

I'm so sorry, KWillow. What a beautiful kitty, and what a good friend she must have been.

My sister lost her little cat Mandy that way, and was devastated. It's hard enough just losing them, but feeling shocked and helpless on top of it just makes it worse.

I don't know who was in change of planning cats, but whoever it is really fucked up on the lifespan thing. Anything that brings that much joy to the world should stick around much, much longer.

I'll pet mine for you, and my family will hold you in our thoughts. Take care of yourself.

Doghouse Riley said...

So sorry for your loss.

Let me tell you, from long experience, that expecting to find them at your feet, the daily chores, the quirky little habits that maybe irritated you no end but now you miss terribly, the ghostly signposts of love and loss, stay with you for a while. And then, with time, become another source of the joy your friend was in life.

And when it's time, go to the shelter and start again.

Li'l Innocent said...

Oh, I see why she was named Peanut. What a beauty. I feel like I miss her too, even without ever meeting her.

There are wise comments and condolences here, so I won't try to add to them. But I think it's okay to suggest that Peanut herself wouldn't want you to be too sad to consider going to the shelter someday in the future, as Doghouse says, and opening yourself to A new connection.

Kathy said...

Anntichrist S. Coulter was one of the first people I looked to for sympathy, emailing her a long screed about Peanut.

And She really came thru with the sympathy and empathy. Thank you, Annti!

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Darling heart, having just been robbed of my baby Boy the week prior, what else could I do but be there for you as you were still face-down in shock? We mourn together, and try to imagine ol' Stoner-Boy getting Peanut good and baked on the best catnip in the universe.