Monday, April 16, 2012

Emergency! II: The Evictioning

I'm sorry, but this lifestyle isn't really all it's cracked up to be.  Me and Maru is gonna have words. 

There is no Joy in Mudville. Nor any other leading brand of dish detergent, because Anntichrist S. Coulter (our dear friend Joanna) has lost her appeal, and is being forced to go the opposite of Galt (Tlag, I suppose, which sounds like a city in the former Soviet republic of Georgia -- and I bet they have decent public housing, even if it does come with a moss-covered statue of Stalin in the breezeway).

In other words, Annti is down to her last few days with a roof over her head, and will soon be living in and around her truck.  Thanks to your generosity, she was able to move her worldly goods into storage and buy some camping equipment, the very thought of which chills my blood (I can just imagine trying to live in a vehicle or sleep on the ground with my back problems, let alone hers).

I know she's extremely grateful (as are Sheri, Mary and I) for the very kind donations she's already received, but if you've discovered a few extra coins under the couch cushions, she could really use them, for gas, food, campground fees, rent on her storage unit, and medications for her and her surviving dependent, Biddy.  There's a button for Payments to Pals on the right-hand side of her blog, and if you're able, please click here to give.  Anything -- literally, at this point, anything -- will help.

Sorry to be a downer, and sorrier still that I live in a country where the wicked prosper, while a person like Joanna -- who is always the first to care for the least of us -- can be casually, thoughtlessly, and cruelly hobo-ized.

UPDATE:  Fellow blogger and author Debbi Mack very kindly linked to the Evict-a-thon over at her blog, Random and Sundry Things.  Debbi is a lawyer and award-winning mystery writer, a lover of Perry Mason and a connoisseur of fine Della Street cheesecake photos -- in other words, she's our kinda folks, so drop by and say hi.


Dr. Alice said...

Done and done.

Kathy said...

There'l be a snail-mail from me. Can't get PayPig to cooperate!

Jacquie said...

I don't have much, but I can't stomach the thought of anyone trying to make do with less. Hope the token contribution helps.

Weird Dave said...

Perhaps what bothers me the most is how casually and thoroughly the powers-that-be in this country have lied to us.

The best country EVAH? A christian nation? Taking care of the least among us? Oh, please. No, no, and quite sadly no.

I am not sure where we lost it or if we ever had it at all. I certainly don't know what to do about it (I have some ideas but I doubt I'll live to see them).
In any case we do what we can to muddle through. But that does not mean I have to like it.

Stacia said...

Sent something off late last night. I only hope it helps (and that it doesn't trigger any shenanigan buttons at the Pals Who Pay offices).

I don't know what the actual hell is going on with our country. I guess the government has never been great about taking care of its citizens, but it's getting worse the last several years.

acrannymint said...

also done and done

Debbi said...

Awww ... thanks, guys! I really appreciate the mention. :)

Now, I have to come out to Hollywood, when my screenplay is eventually produced. Somehow. Ha ha ha ...

Let's meet at the In N' Out Burger, okay? :)

Scott said...

Absolutely, Debbi! And I'm not saying that just because there's an In 'n' Out just down the street.

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Hoooo-leeeee shit.

I can never believe it when people are kind and generous to me, let alone total strangers all over the innernets toobs, who have nothing to gain whatsoever from reaching out to an apparent black-hole of loserdom like me.

Wo'Crappers never fail to amaze me, which is as inadequate as it is redundant, but it's still true. Y'all are unparalleled in your huge hearts, everlovin' kindness, and remarkable generosity, except mebbe by the stalwart few remaining in the Mark Of The Beast family, which generally cross-reference with half the gang here. Not quite incestuous, but definitely a little snugglier than is probably wise... depending on your snuggle tolerance.

I'm not thrilled with the situation, but I'm still applying to more joints, even as we speak, and hoping most of all for a possible emergency-housing loophole, though with my luck, I probably jinxed it by mentioning it. Who knows. The only constants in my life nowadays are worrying about Biddy, wrestling that so-strong-it's-fucking-SCARY little cat to get the medicine down her vicious maw, and the clock that never stops ticking.

I won't go into the fear, because it's already well-known that fear just PISSES ME OFF. If I give into it, I won't get ANYTHING done, and I'm already so far behind y'all wouldn't fucking believe. And when you come across vague acquaintances who smell blood/fresh wounds and are suddenly wanting to be your "friend" and to "help" you out, but they want something FOR THEM FIRST, nope, it ain't worth the wasted time nor energy to bother. Not bright enough to be a shark, just a fucking vulture hoping to tear that fresh wound down to the bone.

Fuck that shit.

And nope, ain't never coming outta retirement now, even if the Flying Spaghetti Monster had the winning Powerball ticket and would give it to me for a blowjob. I made the right decision 6 years ago and I'm sticking to it, no matter WHAT happens.

I just cannot possibly thank all of y'all ENOUGH, or even adequately, for the love that y'all have ALWAYS shown me, even a new acquaintance like Debbi Mack, who has been kind enough to link to the Emergency-A-Thon, a wondrous act in and of itself. Most importantly, without friends like Scott, Mary & Sheri, I'd be one shit-outta-luck bitch, because without them having built this World O'Crap, I wouldn't have all of these magnificent friends. I met a few elsewhere, but sooner or later, we all roll down into this velvet gutter of craptastic snark, bad movies, and fucktarded reich-wingers. And we're damned glad to be here, and grateful that this here is here.

Love y'all and will be in touch more reliably in the future, wifi cards willing, though AT&T sucketh gangrenous rotten donkey cocks, in case anybody didn't know, right.