Thursday, November 22, 2012

There's More Wattles Around Here Than The Reagan Administration

Jean Arthur and Lillian Roth hunt down Early American pants thieves in Pardon My Blunderbuss!

Happy Turkey Day, guys.  I hope whatever your plans for the day, they come off smoothly, without stressful traffic, discomfiting diatribes from conspiracy-quoting relatives, or untoward diplomatic incidents with your Native American hosts.

Mary and I are traveling about 11 feet today, from the bedroom to the living room (well, she's going all the way into the kitchen, so it's probably more like 15½ for her, which is why I advised her to leave early), and will be having something food-like while watching Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

And in that spirit, enjoy a quick compilation of classic bumpers from the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Days of yore:


Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Scott and Mary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving for all who cluster at the Clev table, in person or virtually.
Even us furriners give thanks that you crazy Americans elected the right person this year.Holding thumbs for the next one.
I would love to taste pumpkin pie.

heydave said...

I watched this naked!
Happy Thanksgiving!!1!

Debbi said...

Happy Thanksgiving, guys!

M. Bouffant said...

I saw the very same picture at Leonard Maltin's blug, & it was monochromatic, for heaven's sake. Good for you, going the extra mile!

Chris Vosburg said...

Hope everyone had a swell Thanksgiving.

Me, I spent mine at the local, looking dapper to beat the band in blue pinstripe three-piece suit and the famous fedora (found several weeks ago while walking home from the local, and finally cleaned and blocked and returned by the Hollywood Hatters of Melrose Ave just in time).

Called everyone "sister", "mug", "wise guy" or "dollface", in my best Bogart, and had big fun.

Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner of Roast Duck and Fried Rice. Well, traditional if you're Thai, I guess, as bartender Jan is, who prepared the vittles, and was also kind enough to take a snap of me in the hat.

Chris Vosburg said...

And thanks for the "Turkey Bumpers", Scott. Man I can't get over how weirdly awesome Mike's "Jack Perkins" morph is, and Brigit Jones (his wife, playing "Mr B Natural") relates somewhere that the scene in which "Jack Perkins" plants a big wet one on her actually drew blood-- Mike was wearing enormous prosthetic teeth, and managed to cut poor Brigit's lip with them.

But you knew that.

Weird Dave said...

But you knew that.

No. No I didn't.

Oh well.

Happy Don't Buy Anything Day everyone.*

*Looks like I'm gonna violate that. Cat needs cat food. Whatcha gonna do?

Dr.BDH said...

Happy Black Friday, Scott and Mary! I'm boycotting WalMart here from my office at Wo'C Medical Headquarters. From now on I'm getting my medical supplies at the Dollar Store ("Catheters, Lightly Used, $1").

Scott said...

Actually, Chris, I didn't know, that, and I would have sworn there wasn't a fresh piece of MST trivia out there, so thanks for that.

And Doc, may I just say... AAAIIIEEEE! (I'm still not over that story about the guy -- I think it might have been in Florida -- who got a charge out of "lightly using" enemas, before resealing the packages and returning them to the store shelves.)

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

I am SO glad that I didn't read your last comment there with a full stomach, Scott... or an empty one, for that matter. Dry heaves are a motherfucker.