Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Preznit!

Don't set your browser to hide images this year, my friend, because we've posted a picture that is not only not Ann Coulter, but has been scientifically proven to repel Ann Coulter, like a kind of cheesecake Rain-X.
Here's your horoscope, brought to you our sponsor, Smoldering Ava Gardner® ("When You Absolutely, Positively Have to Smoke in Bed!")
Hard working, capable, and mostly disciplined, you are a person
So if this is one of those birthdays spent taking personal inventory, and among the many questions you're struggling with is whether you're a monotreme, bat, treeshrew, or some other order of mammal, relax -- CafeAstrology confirms your personhood, and, in fact, is currently pushing an amendment to that effect through the Texas State Legislature.
With the Sun and Moon in a waxing semi-square at the time of your birthday
...the floor is extremely slippery, which is why this year we're limiting party activities to semi-square dancing. Also, instead of the usual full circle, we'll be using the half-moon formation for the Hokey Pokey, and asking that participants, in the interests of safety, do not shake it all about.
The year ahead is likely to be a more stable one than last year. You are less impulsive and rebellious this year.
Father Flanagan says you're almost ready to leave Boys Town.
A Saturn transit to your Sun ends shortly after this birthday year begins
Unless you refill your Metrocard.  And don't forget to change at Uranus.


Bill S said...

Wishing you the most delightful of birthdays!

Li'l Innocent said...

Don't let Scott put the fear of low friction in ya, Preznit -- you shake as much of it about as you damwell want! Happy Today!

(Ava was something else, wasn't she? Along with being the love of Frank Sinatra's life, I mean. "One Touch of Venus" mesmerized me when I was a kid and it was shown on TV.)

Anonymous said...

Ava is always relevant.Hubba hubba.
Haven't seen Preznit for a while.Hope everything is OK with you, bud, and that you have a lovely day celebrating.

Carl said...

Happy birthday Prez!

Suez, he's been on Facebook. He even acknowledged his greetings over there.

heydave said...

Haz a fun day!

Keith said...

Ava! Ava! Ava! Happy b-day Prez.

D. Sidhe said...

Happy belated birthday, Preznit. I have to say, your nom de blog still makes me laugh out loud.

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

LOVE that Ava shot!

Hope that you had a happy-happy and please see my comment above re: birfdays.

preznit said...

thanks for all the birthday wishes, been having issues getting into my e-mail/overthrowing the dominant paradigm etc ;}

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Keep raising hell, Prez --- hope to one day make it back up to your neck o' the woods, and if so, will TOTALLY bring you all of the purdies that I've had siting here for 3 or more YEARS because they keep GOING UP ON THE DAMNED POSTAGE RATES every damned FISCAL QUARTER!

I know that I've got yer mailing addy around here SOMEWHERE, so you never know I might hit the damned Powerball and be able to send all of yer past prezzies AND improve on 'em with new stuff!