Sunday, July 7, 2013

OK. I'll Admit It...

Uncle Sam is a horrible movie and should never be selected by a panel of impartial judges to represent the solemnity of our nation's founding, nor the ensuing Beer-, Bratwurst-, and Black Cat Fireworks-fueled celebration that is the  Fourth of July.

Luckily, tonight we are watching one of the best movies to ever represent the awesomeness of Independence Day (in other words, not Independence Day):

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Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Reminds me of an interview that I had to do for senior-year American History in high school: we had to interview somebody who'd been part of a historic event. All the guys were mouthing-off, bragging about "this guy my daddy knows (like Teh Dick, a lot of THEM were draft-dodgers, too!) who was like RAMBO back in VietNam!"

Turns out, every single one of 'em wound-up interviewing their grandmas about the depression. *I* was the one who got an actual VietVet, from the USMC, and never meant to do so, but in my 17-year-old curiosity (I'd been shielded about the VietNam war all of my life & so-called "education" until "FIRST BLOOD" came out!!! You can understand why Teh Dick didn't want me to know about it, but I'll never forget watching the fall of Saigon as a kid, people screaming, crying, climbing over one another to get over that damned embassy fence, ripping themselves on the razor-wire, climbing over one another to that embassy roof, dangling from the skids of those helicopters with their every last breath... and when I asked Teh Fallen Uterus, then the Beastmaster, "Why are those people so scared, Mama? Why are they screaming & crying and climbing that building and those helicopters?" She came into the den and shut off the television, and that was the end of that.) --- in my naivete, I asked Mr. Garland about the CHILDREN in VietNam and made a grown-the-hell-up MARINE cry. Still feel guilty about that.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

and Black Cat Fireworks-fueled celebration that is the Fourth of July.

I pledge allegiance to bottle rockets, and the nation for which we launch them.