Sunday, December 22, 2013

Post-Friday Pre-Holiday Beast Blogging

RILEY:  So what're you up to?

MOONDOGGIE:  I'm trying to lie here and sleep all day long so I can't get into any trouble, so Santa will bring me what I want.

RILEY:  Yeah?  What'd you ask him for?


RILEY:  You know, Moondoggie...Santa eats cats...


RILEY:  Oh yeah.  He feasts on good cats and bad children every Christmas Eve.  It's part of the dark ritual he must perform to maintain his unnatural powers--

MOONDOGGIE:  I don't believe it.

RILEY:  Fine. Don't.  Just food for thought.

MOONDOGGIE:  That can't true...

RILEY:  Didn't say it was tasty food...

MOONDOGGIE:  You do this to me every year...!


acrannymint said...

Moondoggie is looking a bit portly.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

But he sleeps well, acrannymint.

Weird Dave said...

For Moondoggie, every day is a Holiday.

Carl said...

He's not portly, he's big boned.

Kathy said...

That's his WINTER FUR! It's cold now in Hollywood!

You know.... I just yelled at our dog for almost knocking me down in a frenzy of "joyful greetings". He just backed up and wagged his tail. What a good thing dogs don't hold grudges.

Li'l Innocent said...

They're both fine figures of catdom.
And I bet Scott, er, ahem, Santa, has something nice planned for them, too.

I just gave our silliest cat, Jingle, an early Yule present: a little pink terrycloth bunny with a very small jinglebell inside, and a healthy imbuement of catnip. He became even sillier instantly, pirouetting and pouncing, had to run behind the stove to think it over, then insisted on going outdoors (it's unusually mild here in NJ) came back in still stoned and demeanded eats.

Cats know how to enjoy themselves. So do dogs.

And if I don't get to post before the holiday itself, I want to wish Scott, Mary, the kittehz, everybody here and all their family and friends of whatever species a very merry Yule.

My sister's making Glogg (Swedish hot punch) and the scent is heavenly. I virtually toast y'all!

Dr.BDH said...

Just dropped by at the close of Saturnalia (12/17-24, including the Blessed Birth of Keith Richards on 12/18) to wish Scott and Mary and SZ and all World O' Crappers a Happy Brumalia! Let's thank Emperor Constantine for aligning Christianity with the Greco-Roman Solstice festivals so we can enjoy wingnuts whinging about the War on Christmas while we drink wine and exchange presents.

acrannymint said...

Li'l Innocent (to hopefully quote Joe Piscopo (???)) accurately - "You're from Jersey, I'm from Jersey"
I grew up in a town called Morris Plains that was just outside of Morristown which if you think of Jersey as a silhouette is the middle of the head.

Li'l Innocent said...

acrannymint - No joke!? I live in Morristown! didn't grow up there before my high school days, but after wandering around various places, I came back to the old homestead.

Where in Mo Plns did you grow up? Are you still in NJ? Many of the best people are.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas (if that's how you roll; if not, not).
To Scott, Mary, sz, riley & moondoggie.
And all the Crapping Gang.

acrannymint said...

I live outside of Bawlmer, MD now (been in MD for close to 26 years now). I haven't been back for years because the last of my family left the state years ago. I lived fairly close to the train station on Parker Drive. The development was off of 202.

Kathy said...

Its kinda nice living near train stations and tracks, isn't it? I was blessed with an apartment that had both. I got used to the trains very quickly, but visitors used to leap from their seat on my sofa and cry out in terror, "What the flaming heck is THAT NOISE?" I'd say "ummmm- what noise?"