Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cousin Oliver Is On The Warpath!

I did a search for Sher Zieve (fondly known to World O' Crap as "Moe Howard's Separated-at-Birth Twin," or "Shermp, the Forgotten Stooge"), because I was curious if she had modulated her demands for violent resistance to Barack Obama (or "The Usurper" as she likes to call him), in the wake of the mass murder in Norway.  Predictably, she's pretending it didn't happen, but I did come across a piece I'd missed (probably because it was published by Michnews, rather than her usual enablers at RenewAmerica), written back in March.
Obama: The Rights of the Many denied by the Tyranny of the few

While We-the-People of this formerly-and-to-be-again great nation every once in awhile need to take a break and a few hours rest from our mission of saving our country and defeating the enemies already firmly planted within our gates
I'm no expert in medieval siege tactics, but if they're already within our gates -- in fact, firmly planted there -- maybe we took a longer break than we should have.
Obama & Co continue legislation and executive fiats designed to destroy it. 
Destroy what, our gate?  No, that was the Homeowners Association; they claimed it was a non-standard design.  They also took down our oversized mailbox and confiscated our lawn flamingos.
Disastrously, evil never sleeps.
Evil is a tweaker.
Since the 2010 elections, Obama & Co have actually picked up the pace of their assault on the United States of America. Instead of listening to we the voters, Obama has chosen sides against us and is now almost shouting ‘Your elections do not count and never will mean anything at all unless you vote for me and my wants and desires! You won’t nullify me--I’ll nullify you‘! 

He has also been known to rise unsteadily from his club chair, white tie askew and eyes a'blaze, and bellow, "I'm Charles Foster Kane...!"
And…so he is doing it. In mid-February, Obama first came out against recently elected Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and We-the-People who elected him in favor of the unions who helped place Obama into the power over us all he enjoys today. [...]

As We-the-People (and once in a great while Fox News) are the only ones who have spoken out strongly against having to pay for government employees who now make more money than do we, Obama’s warning shot came for us when he said: “I don't think it does anybody any good when public employees are denigrated or vilified, or their rights are infringed upon." Denigrated and vilified? Hold it. Unlike your slathering bought-and-paid-for media, we told the truth about the situation. And ‘rights’? When did you Unions obtain the “rights” to steal from us in the first place and what “rights” do they have to now steal even more? 
If the right to collective bargaining is theft, I wonder what you'd call the extortionate techniques used by the GOP in the debt ceiling negotiations?  Probably something like "freedom leverage."  After all, you can't blackmail a black male.
We are being forced to finance those government-school “teachers” who are now openly indoctrinating our children in both Marxism and Islam!
On the bright side, Timmy graduated the third grade with a double major.  Next year we're thinking of enrolling him in either Libertarian Colonialism or Anarchist Catholicism.
When was the exact date the rights of We-the-People were usurped and bludgeoned by the tyranny of the few?
I believe it was St. Swithin's Day.
Mr. Obama, we know you were trained by your masters to destroy us and our country, in order for the ruling elite to rise up, rule over and squash us.

At long last, the ruling elite is finally getting to rule.  Being on the bottom rung of the politico-economic ladder for so long, they were starting to feel a little self-conscious about their name.
But, we’re not ready to be defeated. In fact, we plan to win this war against us begun by you and your cronies. 
We're going to start by asking you to please stop planting yourselves inside our gates.  From now on, we'll be captain of our own crop rotation.
And as you, your family and Marxist friends take extravagant after more extravagant vacations on our money and continue to host your weekly hedonistic parties at what was once OUR White House, we are planning your defeat and our return to both our Republic and our liberty.
I don't see much difference between the parties the White House currently hosts and those thrown when George Bush was president, but I suspect that even if Obama eschewed the fancy French wines and served only malt liquor at state dinners, Shermp would still be cheesed because he'd splurged on 40s.
While you play the libertine and then hire the very Muslim Brotherhood members sworn to destroy us, we are increasingly turning back to God and His counsel.
After noticing that Muslims were worshiping Him without the express written permission of Major League Christianity, God decided He'd better lawyer-up.
We have protested peacefully, thus far. However, as you and your minions carry on your increase of destruction, dictatorial dominance and stranglehold over us and our country--and then vilify and demean us when we balk at our bondage--we become less peaceful every day. Sir, you are neither our king nor our master and it is becoming clearer every day that you may not even be our legitimate president. 
As I said, this was written a little over four months ago, and climaxed with the usual cry for the exsanguination of patriots for landscaping purposes:
We have reached the tipping point, folks. This current lunacy of oppression can no longer be tolerated. It’s time. Soon we will hear from our own mouths and all of our communities “Let’s roll!”
Cousin Oliver kept her rhetoric at a boil all through Spring and early Summer, until the terrorist attacks in Oslo.  She hasn't yet alluded to these particular crimes against humanity in her column, but four days after the massacre Sher published a surprisingly mellow piece in which she merely referred to the President as "Dictator-in-Chief" and declared that "[t]he Obama syndicate is also a patently criminal organization," which for Sher is like replacing your usual sprinkling of Tabasco Sauce with a dollop of cold ketchup.

However, two days later she was back with this:
With no additional doubts — whatsoever — Democrat Senators have now come out into the open and are shouting that they rule over us all, they have ended our Republic and that we'd better shut up and get used to taking anything they and their Emperor-and-usurper-in-Chief Obama decide to employ against us. In other words, these beings have openly announced that they now own We-the-People "body and soul," we can't do anything about it and "if you want us to be benevolent slave masters, you'd better smile and say 'Yes Massa' when we speak and give you one of our new commandments!"=
As you can see, she's starting to shake off the ennui caused by wish-fulfillment and get back to the hard work of supplying reading material to people who thought The Turner Diaries was "too subtle."

She concludes with a spasm of eloquence:
Folks, we're quickly approaching — actually being unmercifully pushed into by those we elected to office who now contend they are our "betters" — the time when we will have to actively and physically fight back at our oppressors or live in a police state that we allowed to take us over. Chillingly, we're almost there and Congress and the dictator-in-chief are working on driving the final nails into our coffin. Be both forewarned and as prepared as possible for yourselves and your families. Unless we stop it, the deep darkness will continue to descend upon us...
Experience has taught me that when Shermp addresses her readers as "folks," a St. Crispix Day speech is about to be served in a heaping bowl.  Or bowl cut.


StickIt said...

in favor of the unions who helped place Obama into the power over us all he enjoys today

Does Shermp REALLY not understand that politics = "dance with the one what brung ya"? I find that hard to believe, politically savvy as she seems to be.

As We-the-People (and once in a great while Fox News) are the only ones who have spoken out strongly against having to pay for government employees

Who you callin' "We-the-People," mop-head?

may not even be our legitimate president.


Shermp needs to go on retreat and meditate at length on the terms "projection," "reversal," and "dog whistle."

Spearhafoc said...

Her haircut reminds me of Guy Gardner.

Aimless in Florida said...

"these beings have openly announced that they now own We-the-People "body and soul," we can't do anything about it"

Sounds like Comcast.

maryclev said...

Her haircut reminds me of Guy Gardner.

LOL. Yeah, but it looks better on him. (He's one of my favorite GL's, btw)

Spearhafoc said...

(He's one of my favorite GL's, btw)

Mine too. His over-the-top assholishness is tempered by genuine heroism. Ms. Zieve has no such positive attributes.

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Right off the bat, upon sighting this freakazoid CRITTER again, after a long, exhausting, excruciatingly-painful day:

1. I wanna see this fucktard bitch's GREEN CARD.

2. I also wanna see her "birth certificate," LONG FORM, to prove that she was somehow actually "born" ON THIS PLANET, rather than HATCHED in a wicked, stocked-to-the-sills LABORATORY on one of the planets orbiting Betelgeuse.

3. Every time that she is dragged-up from the bottom of her favorite lagoon and splattered onto Wo'C, I am forced to remember the "Dorothy Hamill" once worn by Psycho-Cunt when she was but a psycho-teen skank-o-rific sociopath. Geeeeee, THANKS, SCOTT!!!!!!

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

#2: Aimless re: COMCAST --- can I get a big fuckin' AAAYYYYYY-MENNNN?!?!? Trace it all back to the Telecom act of '94 (and those of the following 6 years, as opposed to Darth Cheney's behind-locked-doors deals), when Bill Clinton bent-over for teh republicunts and their corporate massahs like the little whore-bitch that he turned-out to be... no, that's not true... he always WAS a whore, and their bitch, he just HID IT SO MUCH BETTER before Newt & Starr wasted millions of dollars to find a cum-stained dress. And in the flourish of one overpriced pen, he allowed all of the media monopolies to eat-up all of the independent stations and leave us with, y'know, CLEAR CHANNEL, Comcast, motherfucking DISNEY, Cumulus, the clusterfuck that became CBS/Columbia/Infinity/SONY, as well as the SUPER-DUPER clusterfuck known as NBC/Universal/MSNBC/G.E./Comcast, and a sprinkling of a few more monoliths. 250,000 radio geeks put outta work in one day, aka The Xmas Massacre of 1994, and untold millions being fucked into the dust of what used to be locally-owned TV stations. Wheeeeeeee. May the republicunt Congress of 1994 AND their ball-gagged pony-boy Clinton ALL die of a long, slow, torturous death of anal & rectal & prostate & colon & mouth cancers.

Getting back to the freak at hand, in re: Guy Gardner: is he the first really-butch gay Green Lantern? And what did he do to deserve being condemned to go through eternal life in a really-bad-besotted-idea Dorothy Hamill?

Brian Schlosser said...

It WAS St Swithin's day, because I had kippers for breakfast, Helga.

Also, I-the-Person would like Her-the-Dipshit to Shut-the-Fuck up and go pester Glamour Shots for a refund on that picture.

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Lastly: Were Obama more "caucasian-looking," this illiterate racist whore would NEVER use that SLAVERY TALK BULLSHIT. She needs to learn something ABOUT American History before she can even BEGIN to grasp the full weight of what those patently offensive words, coming from an idiotic, bordering-on-NELL's-linguistic-skills/literacy, hate-mongering SLATTERN like herself. Waste of my fucking OXYGEN. I'd happily donate my gravitationally-challenged tits to charity if The Nation of Islam (they're not ALL like Farrakhan or Elijah Mohammed)showed-up on HER front porch with a burning cross one night.

Also: Favorite line of the piece? "Disastrously, evil never sleeps.

Evil is a tweaker."

One minor problem: "...which for Sher is like replacing your usual sprinkling of Tabasco Sauce with a dollop of cold ketchup."

JEEEEEZUS AYCH ON A FUCKIN' CRACKER WITH A SIDE OF HORSERADISH, SCOTT!!!!!! Have I taught you *NOTHING* of the culinary arts? Well, you just made THIS year's birfday gift (whenever in the fuck it actually ARRIVES in N. Hollywood) a helluva lot easier, and guaranteed not to be re-gifted (see, the thing about re-gifting is that you never TELL the giver that you RE-GIFTED...): A care package of spices & cooking mixes, including a big fat jar of cayenne pepper, to wean you off of that pickled-in-hell VINEGAR SAUCE. Tsk, tsk, tsk... *sigh* The red pepper, I hope to someday teach the world, isn't for THE HEAT (I don't give a fuck what those pseudo-"studly" apes who NEVER TASTE THEIR FOOD SAY... it ain't about the "MACHISMO," it's about the FLAVOR!!!), it's to BUILD a whole symphony of flavors, not just to make the eater excrete from three different orifices at once. *sigh* G'night, Gracie.

Scott said...

Annti: What can I say? I know you're right (we use Tapatio around the house) but I have a soft spot for Tabasco, because I grew up in and around western truck stops, thanks to my dad's pocket fleet of big rigs. He used to shower his eggs with the stuff because after three packs of cigarettes, that's all he could taste.

Brian: Also, I-the-Person would like Her-the-Dipshit to Shut-the-Fuck up and go pester Glamour Shots for a refund on that picture.

Exactly. And I am so stealing that.

Anonymous said...

Must be Moe's evil twin, who'd been kept in the attic. I seem to recall reading about the Stooges coming out to support an ILWU strike in San Pedro and being on the fringes of the popular front. That seems about 180 degrees away from Ms. Thuggee's faux populist ideology.


maryclev said...

Must be Moe's evil twin, who'd been kept in the attic.

Oh. GREAT. So Virgina Adams wrote another book detailing how Republicans raise their children?!

M. Bouffant said...

"Let's roll to the weekly White House orgy, libertine hedonists!"

Scott said...

"Whose car we taking?"

Stacia said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that if a group of people could get a Manchurian Candidate dude into the office of president, they probably were ALREADY ruling the country, thus negating their need for a Secret Country Ruiner (tm) in the White House.

The underlying racism of "the only way a black guy could get elected president is if a bunch of really super powerful white guys got him there" is absolute hilarity, of course.

Has anyone made a joke about Mophead's megabangs hiding her lobotomy scars yet? Because it's just sittin' there, waitin' to be said.

heydave said...

Oh yes, I am so overwhelmed at how the prez totally stole the entire debt ceiling debate. Way tricksy.

scripto said...

Let we roll and rock the train of freedom!

Anonymous said...

"I'm no expert in medieval siege tactics, but if they're already within our gates -- in fact, firmly planted there -- maybe we took a longer break than we should have." The Native Americans certainly did !

"We are being forced to finance those government-school “teachers” who are now openly indoctrinating our children in both Marxism and Islam!" Right, students who don't listen to teachers about arithmetic pay rapt attention to the dialectic method, proletarian history and Sharia law.

How "hedonistic" can the weekly parties be when Michelle demands they serve vegetables !

"the ruling elite to rise up, rule over and squash us" -- would it be "loom over" or is Michelle going to assist the elites by pelting us with gourd-like vegetables ?

"you may not even be our legitimate president" -- yeah, where's the marriage certificate !

"[t]he Obama syndicate is also a patently criminal organization" - I doubt it since William the Conqueror started the invasion, takeover and oppression of the natives way back in 1066 !

trashfire said...

Dear Anonymous:
Sadly, it is that time of year again when residents of rural america resort to desperate measures to rid themselves of excess zucchini, and this is probably just another example.

Also, it's easy to tell a good teacher, who takes seriously the sacred duty of preparing our impressionable youth for the highly competitive job environment of the future, from the bad teachers who just want to indoctrinate kids to be terrorists. Just ask to see their union card. Good teachers don't have them. In fact, they don't even want to be paid or have health care. They just endorse their paychecks over to Warren Buffett every payday, since he knows much better than they how to leverage that money into a better America for all.

Anonymous said...

She addressed Obama as "Sir"! That's unmitigated slave talk! She's given herself away as a deep-cover double-agent for the Kenyan Usurper!

Luckily, We The People know how to deal with traitors like her. We're just legally and peacefully writing her name down -- as of now. For future reference. When we are driven, forced and compelled to take further measures. Unpleasant as they may be. Out of necessity. In the sacred name of Liberty. Which requires, from time to time, the blood of tyrants.

What, you have something against Thomas Jefferson? You don't like America? What's your name, fella?

Li'l Innocent said...

What a nutball.
Sometimes you can kind of tell what kind of ideal world these people have in their mind's eyes. Somebody like George Eff Will, for instance, who imagines himself sipping a Napoleon brandy after dinner at the Harvard Club, amusing his peers with dry wit, in a resuscitated 1885 or so. Something pre-Teddy Roosevelt. But I admit that Sher stumps me. Does she hark back to a time, for instance, when the public schools were not in the secret control of Leftists, but were doing the Right Thing by the young of we-the-people?

Anonymous said...

I mentioned that I missed Sher a few weeks back...and now look at what Scott's done...

"Her heart did whisper that he had done it for her."


Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Scott, I can understand a nostalgic longing for the throat-stripping tastes of one's childhood, but dayuuummmn.

You wouldn't happen to know Sher's home address, btw, would you?