Wednesday, June 7, 2017

She's Alive! ALI--Well, I Don't Wanna Oversell It

Another quick update: Mary survived the operation last night (I realize that's an overly dramatic way of putting it, but don't judge me. We all have different ways of coping with stress, and mine involve striking histrionic attitudes from the Junius Brutus Booth playbook.)

She's suffering through some vein-poppingly intense pain, if her groans, white knuckles, and glaze of perspiration are any indication, and reportedly has enough screws and plates in her leg that she's setting off airport metal detectors from her hospital bed, but the procedure was a success. Or so I was told, and I choose to believe it's true, because given any other option, my brain will illuminate such grotesque and hideous alternatives that it'll make EC's Vault of Horror look like Marvel's Millie the Model. (I'm thinking of offering a line of custom t-shirts, with inspirational sentiments such as: "Choose Gullibility", or "I'm Fearless (Because I'm Oblivious)". Available in Sleeveless, Cap Sleeve, and Raglan Baseball T, sizes S to XXL.)


Debbi said...

I'm so sorry to hear of this and not be able to offer much more than my words of comfort. Consider this a virtual hug for both of you!

FWIW, I tried medicinal marijuana for my pain in Colorado. And it worked. Now, as one who's dealt with chronic pain for years, that's saying something. And I didn't even get the munchies!

Also, on a lighter note, my sister would totally buy your "I'm Fearless (Because I'm Oblivious)" T-shirts! As would I. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd spring for that t-shirt. Glad the surgery went well. Hope Mary's pain eases.

Hank said...

Sheesh, what a revolting development! At least it's welcome news that Mary's surgery went off without a hitch. Hope they give her some good drugs for the pain (or a friend from Colorado drops by) and she has a quick recovery. I'm sure Moondoggie and Shadow will be more than willing to provide their special brand of therapeutic purr.