Thursday, June 15, 2017

We Need a New Motto Around Here

A couple of kind commenters and emailists saw one of my bleating posts and suggested I go ahead and make this shirt available, as a public service or first offence. So here you go.

Let the world know that you will not be intimidated (mostly because you're not really paying attention. And nowadays, who could blame you?) Seems to come in a variety of sexes, sizes, and colors.


Anonymous said...

Scott, PLEASE I want this shirt. I take a men's size Large. It describes my life perfectly.
Remember, stay ON TOP of the pain. Let Mary know that she should get her pain meds, or ganja (I'd love to try that), BEFORE she feels pain. Believe me, I know. Personal experience and two medical professionals in the family. PLEASE be very gentle with your back. We can't have both of you laid up. Plus Moondoggie will get tired of cooking for you.

With Love,

~The Minx~

Anonymous said...

Got the shirt! In a lovely shade of mango!

~Thr Minx~

heydave said...

I'm fearless, the drugs/therapy/coffee is working. ...

Scott said...

Heyyyyy, very nice choice, The Minx. I had no idea it was even available in Mango, and now no other color even seems possible. Maybe take a picture when it arrives, and let us know how it feels.

(And the being gentle with my back advice is both prescient and pertinent, since I've exceeded all spinal tolerances in the past two days, and am now hunching around the apartment like a deformed henchman in search of deranged scientist. So thanks!)

Anonymous said...

ANNTI sez...

I wish that I could still say that I'm relatively "fearless," but I still groan every fucking time that I wake up and realize that that CREATURE in the White House is not just a bad summer movie or a Lifetime trauma-flick. It just. can't. fucking. be. TRUE. Fuck this shit. When is the fucking RECALL already?!?!?!?!!!


Anonymous said...

Please send up smoke signals! You're alive!



Anonymous said...

ANNTI sez...


You've still got my e-mail, right?

I hover somewhere between the gastrointestinal vortex of hell and the ability to get vertical, so the bleeding ulcers have good & bad days (remember where I *am,* after all...), but I'm still here, I just have fuck-all to say anymore --- so few brain cells left, after all.

So good to hear from you, darlin' heart, please keep up the good fight!