Thursday, August 22, 2019

Dippity-Do's and Don'ts

So Bill S. asked if I remember this goo, and I do, I Dippity-do. Specifically, I remember my mother wouldn't let me leave the house without dousing my incipient hippie hair in the stuff in an effort to foil the Counterculture with styling gel. I also remember it became very brittle when it dried, so I usually spent the first ten minutes of Third Grade Home Room tapping the top of my head and listening to my hair go "crunch! crunch! crunch!" like I was walking through snow.

This pink slime isn't as ubiquitous as it once was, although I understand the makers have secured a new lease on life by extruding it into Chicken McNuggets.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Larry Blamire Returns Again

"You suck, Clevenger!" -- Larry Blamire

Writer-Director Larry Blamire talks about the new featurettes and hilarious short films he made to accompany the Blu-ray release of his cult classic The Lost Skeleton Returns Again. Come for the Behind-the-Scenes gossip, stay to find out who that one guy is in that one thing--you know the one--and learn the secret of why Scott sucks.