Friday, December 25, 2020

A Trap for Santa!

This year...this crappy, crappy year...we're going all out, with our first major multimedia holiday special!

By which I mean, I told Jeff I wasn't feeling the Yuletide spirit this year, and he decided to remedy that by forcing me to record an impromptu commentary track to a forgotten D.W. Griffith Christmas movie. It was fun, I have to admit, although it involved more cannibalism than I was expecting.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020



While his wife Mary had tactfully pointed out the bigger issues (they were far from home, couldn’t find a hotel room, and her water broke in a barn) it wasn’t until this moment that Joseph began to have second thoughts about hiring that party clown for his son’s birthday.

Monday, December 7, 2020

A Succession of Flesh

A short story. Of flesh. For flesh. And by flesh.

It was the summer they left their homes and families and made the long, perilous journey to...

Why, you may ask? Because they had a dream. A dream of attending the Flesh Villagers' ancient and traditional...

...for five days and four fabulous nights! Double occupancy! All Inclusive! No Tipping!

Well...just the tip.

Note: the Flesh Fiesta is BYON (Bring Your Own Nipples)

And why did dreams of the Flesh Fiesta haunt them so? Because they were...

...and for seekers such as they, there was nothing fleshier. When they arrived, however, they discovered the Flesh Villagers didn't take American Express, so...


...which naturally led to hyperinflation and an unfavorable exchange rate, so it cost them like an entire 10-pound bag of liposuctioned fat tissue to buy one lousy Diet Coke.

Join us next week for another exciting chapter of Adventures in Adipose!