Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cry Happy Birthday, and Let Slip the Dogs of War (and Other Funk Fusion Bands)

I had a bit of a NyQuil buzz going last night, but I was too congested to sleep, so as things weren't making sense anyway, I figured I'd head over to American Thinker and see what --

Wait a moment...Paul Drake has just walked into the court room and handed me a note...This looks important...

Well!  It turns out that today is the birthday of early Wo'C adopter Chris Vosburg (or as he's known to his friends, "Engineer Vosburg"), our meatspace drinking buddy, a witty and informative commenter, and World O' Crap's leading expert on Dutch rock bands and Perry Mason.  In honor of this august occasion, I'm going to stop pretending there's any danger that I'll ever actually post another Ann Coulter picture, and instead offer this cheesecake photo of Della Street in a negligee:
"I'd like to see Counsel in my chambers..."

Happy birthday, Chris!


Chris Vosburg said...

Thanks Scott!

I have a not-entirely self serving request to make for those in the Los Angeles area:

Please meet me and celebrate ChrisVmas, November Fools Day, Dia de los Pendejos, at the Prime Time Pub on Santa Monica Blvd. It's important, and it's not about me. Here's why:

They took a 30day hit from the ABC and gotta make it up.

Pleae help. I'll buy you a drink. I'll be there at five, and I can't guarantee anything beyond an hour or too, bt I'd give anything to see you, whoever you are.

Here's the best part:

I'll be the guy in the the Paul Drake Effect Jacket.

heydave said...

Happy birthday to you!
Sorry I can't make it all the way from Ioway, but have a beverage on me.

ChrisVMas said...

No problem, Heydave, and thank you for the k--


ChrisVMas said...

And Scott, thanks for the Barbara Hale mention. Laugh if you want, she gots herself a star on Hollywood Boulevard.

Ann Coulter, well, we're still wait--


Stef said...

Happy Birthday Chris! From your deat sister Stef... Wish I could make the party but I'm too far away in Norco, land of the living dead. However, if you could get someone to shoot a pic of you in that Paul Drake jacket, I would love it!!

Stef said...

Correction: dear as opposed to deat.

Brian Schlosser said...

Happy Birthday Mr Vosburg! Sadly my Concorde is in the shop, and I can't make it, but please have a shot of chilled Tito's for me!

Bill S said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. V!
A few people who share your birthday:

Toni Collette, award-winning Austrailian actress.

Max Ophuls, director.

Jenny McCarthy, insuffrable bimbo.

Lyle Lovett, musician.

Barry Sadler, One-Hit Wonder.

Peter Ostrum, former child actor (Charlie in the original "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory")

Anthony Keidas, Chili Pepper.

Betsy Palmer, actress.

David Foster, record producer.

Jim Steinman, songwriter responsible (or depending on your point of view, to blame for) a batch of gloriously cheezy over-the-top rock ballads.

Jeannie Berlin, actress, daughter of Elaine May.

Marcia Wallace, funny human.

Lani Hall, singer.

Penn Badgely, hunky actor who induces, in me, impure thoughts.

Larry Flynt. no comment.

Chris Vosburg said...

You forgot Fernando Valenzuela.

Nevertheless, thanks Bill!

Li'l Innocent said...

Many bibulous returns, Chris!

I don't know what the ABC is that the Pub took a hit from, but if you're against it, I'm against it. Up the Pub! I raise a birthday toast from amongst the pitifully mangled tree branches and hanging electrical lines of northern New Jersey.

(And you know whose fault our freak snowstorm was? Smirking Bastard Dubya, is whose. Really, it was.)

Doghouse Riley said...

A virtual toast to one of my favorite commenters. Virtual, because I got here a day late and the real stuff's gone flat.

Many happy returns, Chris.

Anonymous said...

Not THE Chris Vosburg of World 'o Crap fame? Your birthday ?

Well, happy birthday and all the other days to you, lad.May the road rise up etc etc.

With much respect

Chris Vosburg said...

I don't know what the ABC is that the Pub took a hit from, but if you're against it, I'm against it.

Alcoholic Beverage Control, California State agency that regulates those who sell alcohol.

In the Prime Time's case, a bartender facilitated the sale of marijuana to undercover officers-- twice, the dope. She and her splendid silicone tits are no longer employed there, and the joint was forced to endure a thirty day suspension of sales during the month of October, thankfully re-opening just in time for ChrisVmas.