Saturday, November 19, 2011

MaryC's Holiday Gift Report, V2.0

The horror. Oh, GOD! The Horror!

The unholy noise cracks upon their ears, and the little girls' heads whip around, their pigtails flying, as they instinctively recognize the danger. But before they can flee the room, the demon latches upon their souls and consumes them, and soon the entire Babysitters Club is cackling with the demented hysteria of those who have gazed upon the indescribable horror of the Elder Gods, and been denied the blessed release that only death can bring.

By Remco!


Brian Schlosser said...

Thank you Mary, for making us laugh about demonic dolls... again!

Bill S said...

To borrow a line from MST3K, "That's good, old-fasioned nightmare fuel".
Even the children IN THE DAMN COMMERCIAL look like they're creeped out by the thing.

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Creeped-out, hell, they look like they'll be lining-up in hopes that Cthulhu will EAT THEM *FIRST*!!!!!!

Jeebus fucking cheee-rist on a cracker with a side of horseradish, Mary, where do you FIND these TRULY disturbing freak-outs?

Wait... do I really want to know... ?

Chris Vosburg said...

Wow, now that was scary.

If it's creepy laughter you're after, it's hard to top John Agar's bizarre throat noises in Attack of the Puppet People. It's at about the 8:45 mark, and you'll wonder if this is perhaps the first time Agar has tried laughing.

Li'l Innocent said...

Scary, for sure! However, the strange doll concept that creeped me most as a teen (aged out of the baby doll market myself but the older sis of 2 siblings) was Tressy. She had a hole in the top of her head... and out of it came more hair -- and more -- there was NOTHING INSIDE HER BUT HAIR.

Ew. And there are metaphors there about society and femaleness if you want 'em. What would the equivalent be in a little boys' action figure, we can wonder? I don't think there is one.

Bill S said...

Hey Mary, I posted a link to an ad for another creepy kid's toy on your Facebook wall. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

@Li'l Innocent - There's an obvious and appropriate equivalent for male action figures, but I don't think they let them build dolls that way.