Saturday, March 19, 2016

Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The Product Placement Edition

SHADOW: AUGH! What's that?!

MOONDOGGIE: ZZZzzz--Huh?...Oh. That. Don't worry about it, kid, that's just shameless self-promotion. You'll get used to it.

Two weeks have passed (I know, right? They just flew by), which means it's time once again for The Slumgullion, and if you've been thinking of giving our humble podcast a listen, this would be the one to try.  First of all, it's shorter than usual. Second, Jeff and I are joined by the delightful dirty book author, Indy McDaniel. And I have it on good authority that it's pretty funny.

In episode 4,  Jeff and suave raconteur Indy try to break my Buckingham Palace Guard-like composure using nothing but ordinary table salt and Kanye West. We talk about the World's Greatest Heist Films, and fight to the death over which of us has the unhealthiest fixation on J.K. Simmons.  And I pass on Hank Parmer's demand to Jeff that he sing the first song from his musical version of the 1972 film Frogs ("Today the Pond, Tomorrow the World!"). 

The film for today's Unknown Movie Challenge is Turbo Kid (trailer rated Probably NSFW due to cartoon gore and excessive Michael Ironside) a flawless homage to the low budget post-apocalyptic sci-fi action pics made by Cannon Films (these were basically the dystopian YA of the Eighties). Talk is talked of it, and it is good, and it is funny. Please click the link and give it a listen: 



ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Slum Slum Slum...

Scott said...

Catchy. inn'it?

grouchomarxist said...

Hey! I caught that Challengers of the Unknown reference! So here's one of those seven comic book geezers.

And Turbo Kid is now in my queue, thank you very much.

Where Eagles Dare does continue to wear well, for sure. Twisty plot, great Alpine winter locations and cinematography, fine British actors, stunts directed by Yakima Canutt -- I mean, seriously, what more could you ask for? When you pointed out it was basically a particularly intricate caper film, damn if that wasn't one of those "OMG: He's absolutely right!" moments. (I've noticed that I get a lot of those, listening to the Slumgullion.)

I think it's kind of an interesting coincidence that Eastwood had a starring role the very next year in another big-budget WWII heist flick, Kelly's Heroes. It's not as if there are lots of specimens of that subgenre to begin with, so what are the odds?

Scott said...

Thanks, Hank! We very much appreciate you listening, and I'm particularly gratified to know that my promotional campaign targeting comics-literate geezers is paying dividends.

And hey, you're right about Clint Eastwood basically doing back-to-back WWII caper flicks. I wish I'd thought of that at the time.