Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Random Mid-Week Beast Blogging: The Halloweenipede Edition

SHADOW: Look, Orange Guy, I really think we can make this Pushmi-Pullyu costume work for Halloween, but you gotta push!

MOONDOGGIE: You're making my foot go to sleep.

SHADOW: What's your point?

MOONDOGGIE: Nothing, just...You're making me envy my foot.


Anonymous said...

ANNTI sez...

I envy those cats.


meanie-meanie, tickle a person said...

So Shadow would be Dark Side of the Moondoggie? (reading several posts, catching up, here). This being a democratic blog, I move Shadow's name be officially changed to Dark Side. Seriously--well, quasi--names like Spot, Rover, Fluffie, and even Shadow all sound sort of, I dunno, accidental.

What'd you name yer new dog, Billy?
Hows come?
....Gee, I dunno

But a name like Dark Side, now that's an on-purpose name. Like Moondoggie, you know? Makes people wonder why you picked that name. Also like Moondoggie. Speaking of which, what the fuck does Moondoggie mean? Or stand for, or remind you of, or...
OK, I'll shut up now.

Scott said...


Moondoggie's name is sort of (sort of) explained in this post from 2007, when he was introduced to the blog, but in brief: He was, even from the first moment Mary saw him lounging in a cage at PetSmart, the World's Chillest Cat. His mellow buzz was so immune to harshing that he reminded me of the surfer dudes I grew up with, and that -- along with the white streak on his snout (which recalled the zinc oxide that typically smeared said dude's noses) -- made us lean toward a surfer-themed name. And since The Big Kahuna sounded a bit aggrandizing, we took it down a notch and named him after Gidget's boyfriend.

As for Shadow, that was, I admit, the factory standard name she came with, and we kept it mostly because it made for a nice portmanteau (Moonshadow). True, it's lame and boring and we've toyed with alternatives, but she already answers to Shadow, so I guess we're stuck with it.

I do wish I'd thought of Dark Side, though.

maryclev said...

or Darkseid!