Saturday, May 26, 2018

'Wisk Gets Out Ring-Around-The-White-Collar-Crime!

[Stolen from Sheri's Facebook page]:

My recap of the commericals I just watched.

Uber: "Hi, I'm the chairman of Uber. You might have heard that we suck, and we used to suck, but my Dad always taught me not to suck, so now we won't. Give us money."

Facebook: "We used to be about ranking college coeds. And then we were about keeping in touch with friends and other people you like. And then we were about trying to one-up people you tolerate. Then came the click-bait, the fake news, us selling your data to people who used it to influence elections, and us becoming a plague on all humanity. But since we got caught, we are working on returning Facebook back to its true purpose: ranking college coeds."


Debbi said...

Ha ha! I love it! :)

Dr. Pablito said...

You maybe haven't seen the Wells Fargo commercials we got here on the West Coast: "We used to steal from little old ladies and jack up loan rates on black people, but we used to used to be a bank back way back when and stagecoaches and shit, so now no more of that and give us your money again."

Hank said...

Screw all that "E Pluribus" jazz! It's "Caveat Emptor" all the way now, baby.

This is why I avoid commercial TV whenever possible. But when I do watch it, I always have the remote close at hand. AFAIC, the "Mute" button is one of the 20th Century's greatest inventions.

Papa Wheelie said...

Even better is speed dial to your cable company to rid your home of Television completely. 20 years and counting. Try it it's life-changing. Now if I could only cancel autoplay.