Saturday, July 20, 2019

Post-Friday Beast Blogging

MOONDOGGIE: I don't understand all this stuff about global climate change, but after hours of observation, calculation, and experimentation, I have determined that the current axial tilt of the Earth has caused the living room Sun Patch to become narrow and weird and I'M DECLARING AN EMERGENCY!!!

SHADOW: I'm not in favor of this silly 'Beast Blogging' thing, but I'll agree to pose on one condition: that you point out how much my eyes look like David Bowie's in The Man Who Fell to Earth.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

One would think Shadow, given his inherently evil nature, would prefer to refer to David Tennant's eyes in Good Omens......

Anonymous said...

ANNTI sez...

NO SPOILERS ON GOOD OMENS, DAMMIT!!! I won't get to see it until the whole thing's finished, so I don't wanna know how wunnerful it is until I can SEE how wunnerful it is!!!

BTW, two black teenaged kittehs walked onto our enclosed back porch and started noshing out of James' bowl like they LIVE HERE, and then they STAYED ALL DAY & ARE ASLEEP OUT THERE NOW, snuggled-up on James' upholstered tuffet/ottoman thingy. He is not thrilled, by the way, with the usurpers, but they're so sweet & gorgeous & habituated to bipeds, someone MUST have thrown these darling things out, the lowlife mouth-breathers!!! We're going to call around to the few folks to speak around here, and see if they just wandered off of somebody else's Ponderosa.

'Cause if not, I'm going to be the brokest bitch on earth, with a spay & a neuter, shots, flea drops, etc. Oy. We lost Moose last year, then Penny this year, and now we have the younger replacements just POOF! into our lives... *sigh*

Will send pictures of the lanky/swanky Fred & Ginger as soon as American Telephone & Terrorism FIXES OUR CELL PHONE CONNECTIONS. Fucking twunts.


Anonymous said...

Moondoggie and Shadow. So good to see you after a long absence. You both look fine and healthy. Good - keep on thriving. I hope the same can be said for your human parents.

Hi, Annti - Catsaver to the World. Stay strong, grrlfriend.

Best to all Crappers.