Saturday, October 26, 2019

Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The Tell-Tale Heart Edition

MOONDOGGIE: I can hear the ocean. 

ME: That’s my femoral artery. 

MOONDOGGIE: Whatever. They’re both clogged with fish oil and garbage.


Jimbo said...

So sweet a photo.

But we are all full of fish oil and other garbage. How much of either and whether we can reduce any of that is what matters. Answer: not a whole lot. So I just enjoy your movie reviews.

Jimbo said...

Also your kitty is just adorable.

Li'l Innocent said...

Haven't commented in ages, Scott (new job on the plus side, Trump on the yuck side), but I couldn't pass up a post-friday Beast Blog. Moondoggie is the sweetest being! And I bet you're not nearly as clogged as lots of other humans we need not name, this being a day of rest and recreation! How's the lovely and macho Shadow? And you and Spouse?

My possibly-Korat Cat Jingle snugs up on my shoulder on cool mornings and prickles my nose with his whiskers, purring loudly. Where would we be without them!

Scott said...

Thanks, Jimbo. Stand by, I'm ramping up to finish the Better Living Through Bad Movies sequel, so a plethora of movie reviews are on the way.

Li'l, Shadow is camera shy, but usually just out of frame, gazing in rapt devotion at the Creamsicle-colored glory that is Moondoggie.

As for where we'd be, I submit we'd be in hell, which in my theology is flame-, demon-, and brimstone-free, but also cat- and dogless, which is no damn way to spend eternity.

(Congrats on the new job)