Friday, April 9, 2021

Friday Beast Blogging: The "Drunk 'n' Disorderly" Edition

MOONDOGGIE: I'm tellin' you guys (hic!) once you go black, you never go back...bacon? Is it "you never go back bacon?" Cuz that sounds delicious--

SHADOW: He had a little too much catnip--

MOONDOGGIE: What! Who said that? I heard that!

SHADOW: I did.

MOONDOGGIE: No, one of them called you a "basic black bitch"--WHICH ONE OF YOU SAID THAT?! I will find you, and I will claw you down to the shin bone!

SHADOW: He doesn't mean that--

MOONDOGGIE: I do too! I'm dangerous when riled! I once killed a man in Reno just for salivating at my tuna!

SHADOW: Honey, c'mon. You really need to simmer down.

MOONDOGGIE: Awww, fine! You're just lucky my chick's here!

(Photo courtesy of MaryC)


Debbi said...

Hello, Kitty! :)

Anonymous said...

ANNTI SEZ... ( forgot this on the other one, hope that y'all are psychic when the comments come through...)

Y'know, my cats enjoy getting fucked-up on catnip and the occasional silvervine, but I've never seen them get SLOPPY... what are you feeding Moonie???

(Fred & Ginger, for current example, will bounce off of the ceiling on kitteh-weed, but they never sprawl-out like they're drunk. Silvervine, though, *will* get them looking like they're having R. Crumb-level hallucinations...)