Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Farewell, S.Z.'s Dad

Please join us in a moment of silence for Van H. Zollinger, a good man who, among his many other achievements, fathered one of the best people it's ever been my pleasure to know, the wonderful Sheri Zollinger:

Van Howard Zollinger, 86, passed away peacefully at his home in Providence, UT. He left behind his loving wife of 61 years, Helen Burton Zollinger. He is also survived by his sister Rosalind (Henry) Astle; his 6 children, 12 grandchildren and 1 great-grandson. He was preceded in death by his brother, Don Zollinger. 
Van and Helen are the parents of Sheri, Jeff (Merla), Linda (Randy) Larsen, Marc, Michelle (David) Walker, and Scott (Laurie). Van loved all of them, and was so happy that he got to spend time with them this year. He was especially glad that Jeff, Michelle, and Scott and his family traveled to see him during these last months. Linda and her husband Randy were always a support to Van and Helen. Van was very proud of his 12 grandchildren: Darci, Coltin (Amy), Jaden, Connor (who is currently serving an LDS mission in San Diego, CA), Robert, Jacob (who just returned from the Hawaii Honolulu mission), Matthew, David, Savannah, Dallin, McKay, and Tate, and great-grandson Ty.
Click here to read Van's obituary. Click here to send flowers.

Our very deepest sympathies to Sheri, who has helped so many people and pets through so many difficult times, and to her family. Crappers represent.


M. Bouffant said...

Gah. Words are useless at a time like this, so I'll clam up & send a big (psychic) hug or whatever else may ease Sheri's pain.

Carl said...

He raised a good daughter. He must have been a good man.

Anonymous said...

ANNTI sez...

What Carl said. For them who replicate, their best work shows in their chirrens. And Sheri sure as hell gave him a helluva lot to be proud of, beyond just her amazing self. Anybody who can raise kids like this'n has got to be one helluva dad.

All my love & commiseration, Sheri. As a 7-year member of the Dead Dad Club (to which many Crappers belong, if I remember anything...), I sadly welcome you to the ranks with the biggest, warmest hug I've got. We love you, and whatever you need, we're here. If you get frustrated & angry, btw, feel free to kick me or Mentis... I'm more than willing to take my licks, but kick him first, he's healthier.

Seriously --- anything that I can do, just holler.

Love, hugs & a shitload of medicinal-grade chocolate,

KaliTa said...

Very sorry for your loss, S.Z.

Mentis Fugit said...

It doesn't happen enough times in our lives for it to ever be easy, or to get used to it. My sympathies, S.Z.

If my experience with my own family is any guide, if there is laughter at the funeral, it is a fitting send-off.