Friday, March 25, 2011

Tappity - Tap - Tap

Just a quick update, in case anybody is still out there.  My deadline is Monday, and assuming I meet it, a state resembling normal blogging should resume by the middle of the week (unless Sheri or Mary are inspired to post something in the meantime).  (Also, I want to apologize for the photo, as I realize this breaks with our long-standing, deadline-related tradition of naked flappers posing with vintage typewriters, but while Eddie Haskell here was willing to work nude, the sock-garters kind of ruined it for me.)

Speaking of paradoxes, I caught Riley using Moondoggie's ass for a pillow, and managed to snap a picture before she wished me into the cornfield.  Please feel free to supply your own caption to either image.
And thanks again for your patience.


Anonymous said...

Tell Actor I secretly (heart) him. I've always had a thing for smart guys.

Anonymous said...

It's the irritating black girl, by the way. Talula. "I love your work" . (bulbs flashing, everyone calling your name). cheese.

Mentis Fugit said...

No caption, but the photograph must have influenced my initial reading of that last sentence as, "And thanks again for your flatulence."

Carl said...

It looks like the cats are auditioning for The Feline Centipede.

If you don't know, don't ask.

OK, this like a knock knock joke?

Talula? Talula who? Talula later!

heydave said...

Here, but uninspired for comment at this time.

Kathy said...

Moondoggie looking quite pensive, perhaps thinking "now I know how humiliating it is having one's butt used as a pillow... I'll never do it again..."

I'm very interested in your work, Scott. I hope you can describe some of it to us after you've rested up.

Draco said...

"I can hear the ocean."

Li'l Innocent said...

"Take a letter, please...why, Mr. Haskell! Without your glasses, you're beautiful!"

"Oh, I love to go out mousing,
Hear the little beasties squeak,
But I don't enjoy it half as much
As snoozing cheek to cheek."