Sunday, October 30, 2011

Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The Put the Blame on Mame Edition

Moondoggie:  Look at her...!  Exposing her belly, teasing me with that White Stripe of Wonder.   Oh, she let's you think you can follow that road to your Bliss...that it's a Treasure Trail, like the secret jungle path that leads to the fabled Graveyard of Elephants...but then you jump on her and try to nibble her dewlap, and you find out very quickly that that tantalizing white belly stripe is actually a highway No Passing lane!  She's a Minx!  A Vixen!  A...A Nixon!

I think I maybe mixed my metaphors a little bit there...Okay strike that part about the dead elephants, but everything else is true!  She's a cat tease...

Hall and Oates were right.


Li'l Innocent said...

Okay, okay. What did Hall and Oates say?

Oh, the curled pink toes of catness.

Jimbo said...

Not sure who Li'l Innocent is here: the bored orange tabby or the slutty black and white, Or maybe the owner. Ahem.

But in any event Hall and Oates were just another species of pop tedious that sounded like a breakfast cereal.

Scott said...

What did Hall and Oates say?

Well, they did warn us she was a Maneater.

Stacia said...

Hall and Oates were right about everything. EVERYTHING.

Kathy said...

Perhaps She feels even greater disappointment with Moondoggie's lack of... equipment.

BTW: 2 kittens appeared in our yard last night. Looks like they were dumped (we live in a country-ish area). We fed them 3 bowls of Fancy Feast, and left the doors from outside to our garage and from the garage to the house open. In the morning ALL Chester's food, wet & dry, was gone.

We CAN get near the poor little scared things, but not near enough to "catch". So I assume they had some interaction with people before becoming homeless.

Jess wants to adopt them, and much to my surprise, Husband did not object. Of course it is I who will do the feeding, vetting, and litter box cleaning...Oh well!

I can't find them today. Last night they were lurking in a hedge-copse of evergreen shrubs. Couldn't get too close. But it looks as tho they may adopt US.

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Yaaayyyy, Larky-poo!!!!!! Or KWillow or Barbra Streisand or whomever you wanna be today.

Even teh bebes know how to find the good folks, once they are free to choose. Looks like Peanut is, indeed, watching over you, m'dear.


Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

And Riley, honey, sweetheart, she-who-refrains-from-ripping-my-jugular-out-wif-her-teefuses, Queen O'er All that isn't Biddy's turf:

NOBODY likes a prick-tease (even if said twig has lost its berries!) OR a cunt-tease (even if she's been retired, physically/medically or psychologically/in a fully-knowing conscious decision). Teases just always bum-out the whole fucking party, unless they've been "punished" for their "teasing"/"allure" by some psycho-twunt who rufie'd their damned DRINK. In which case a WHOOOOOLE other kind of entertainment kicks-in, esp. if the folks present are her FRIENNNNNDDDSSSS. Then give yer soul to the deity of your choice, 'cause your ass is HERS, and NOT how you wanted.