Friday, February 14, 2014

Actual Friday Beast-Blogging: The T.S. Eliot Edition

"Will no one rid me of this turbulent cat ass?"


Anonymous said...

Riley, sweetheart, I'd trade lives with ya in a HEARTBEAT --- I'm surrounded/fought-over by 2 big, fat, spoiled-rotten ginger boys who LOATHE one another, and I'm sure that YOU could whup into shape THE FIRST DAY!


Yer Ranty Aunty Annti

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Legalize It, Riley!

Li'l Innocent said...

Annti, honey, your comment caused me to crack a grin, even though it snowed AGAIN today and there was nowhere to PUT the ploughed/shoveled snow that was already there, and the streets round here are down to about 1-1/2 lanes wide if you're lucky, and... where was I? Oh, yeah -- being fought over by spoiled animules. I sometimes wake up with a big sable-brown arch-duchess on one side of my supine body, growling menacingly at the importunate and impertinent greyness of the interloper curled up on the other side. It's like being a human Berlin Wall or something.

They are, however, mighty cozy on a cold night (when asleep).

acrannymint said...

It's like being a human Berlin Wall or something.

I know the feeling and I have three to contend with.

acrannymint said...

and here they are

Weird Dave said...

That's closer to what my ass looks like.

Anonymous said...

ANNTI said...


Crannymint, darlin' heart, they are gorgeous babies, and, from those pix, again, seemingly FAR MORE SANE than ANY of the PTSD-esque oft-time THUGS in my back yard and sometimes inside the damned house. James likes having company inside sometimes, but when both of the biggest, most-obnoxious boys (Chucky & Bob) are in here, James aborts the mission ENTIRELY and disappears while those two idiots fight it out, when not taking extended kitteh-weed-gorge-sessions. They & Penny all assert that they should be LIVING INDOORS HERE, but that would make me HOMICIDAL against whatever idiotic biped was handy, if not the entirety of tourist-scum all over this fucking town --- and the landlord would have a TOTAL FUCKING SHIT-FIT. Plus, my smallest boy, Shaggy, is too skeered to come inside, and it's hardly fair to HIM that THEY get to take breaks from the cold.

Dear Li'l, you lucky woman, I am not as lucky or beloved as you --- those two orange sociopaths aren't fighting over ME, actually, just territorial "rights" to the apartment/room/you-name-it, as they don't think that the other one should have ANYTHING. Total BRATS. Not completely irredeemable, and often quite affectionate, but OY VEY the fucking DRAMA! Hoping to fix the compy issues & be able to share pix of James & his little outdoor band of abandoned/tame/traumatized/bouncy-room-ready outlaws with y'all.


Anonymous said...

ANNTI said...

P.S. Cranny baby: I forgot to mention the Godzilla-in-the-food-dish picture: When my dearly-missed Biddy was here, all of her life, she had the WEIRDEST thing about EVERY toy, be it an actual "cat toy" or just a plastic milk-jug ring --- every toy that she loved, like Frankenstein's monster, SHE'D DROWN!!! First the water bowl, then the terlet, then, if she could get them outside, bird baths, dogs' water bowls, puddles, anything!

She left a trail of beloved toys "hidden" in CLEAR WATER. She was a brilliant cat, she really was, but on the opacity/visual effects of water, yeaaahhhh, not so much. And as much as I adore James & his outdoor outlaws, not a day goes by that I don't miss Biddy & Boy.

Never DID figure out the drowning-toy fetish, though... heh.

Weird Dave said...

He he.

Too much information would be if I posted a picture of it.


Anonymous said...

ANNTI said...

W.D., don't make me come up there.

You would not enjoy it.

And I would leave you, duct-taped & manacled to a chair in the "lecture hall" at that abomination against all human intelligence, science, math, discovery, fact, empirical evidence and everyone with an IQ over 40, Ken Ham's alleged "museum" to that cult-horseshit-splatter known as "creationism." Yup. In Kentucky.

Yes, yes, I would.

I've had to wait 2 weeks, since my last "Flash" update utterly CRIPPLED & DESTROYED this p.o.s. Win7 machine's ability to view ANY VIDEOS, ANYWHERE ONLINE --- I've had to wait 2 weeks for the C-SPAN broadcast of the Bill Nye (YAY!) V. Ken Ham Is A Big Fat Thieving Snake-Oil-Suckling Scumbag Dog-Raping Piece Of Shit "debate," and honestly, have never loved or respected Bill Nye more than right now. Mostly because he has the intestinal fortitude & awe-inspiring patience to go through TWO AND A HALF HOURS of this idiot's NON-ANSWERS & repetitions of "TEH BIBUL SED SO!" as "answers" to Bill's EMPIRICAL & ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE.

Thusly, I can't imagine a more inhumane punishment for your extroverted exhibitionism of implanting very-skeery & clorox-proof cartoons in my head than to subject you to this idiotic asshole as much as I have endured tonight, at the VERY least.

Enjoy, Weird Dave!