Sunday, March 30, 2014

Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The Rules of Attraction Edition

RILEY: All right, this is just the sort of presumptuous invasion of personal space up with which I will not put!

RILEY:  I can't even tell whose tail is whose anymore -- Begone!

MOONDOGGIE: You sure about that?

RILEY:  Don't be impertinent. Of course I'm--

MOONDOGGIE:  Smell my foot...

RILEY:  What?  I...No, I'm not going to smell your--


MOONDOGGIE:  That's right, I just walked all over the dirty laundry. My feet are pure funk and pheromones...

RILEY: (SIGH)  I wish I could quit you.

MOONDOGGIE: As long as you've got a nose to smell with, and I've got feet to stink with, we'll always be together.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Trick or treat, smell my feet...

Li'l Innocent said...

I know I'm only an anthropoid, with no sensory apparatus worth talking about, but I think cat toes smell lovely. Little perfumed blossoms they are.

Weird Dave said...

Thunder wins.

Anonymous said...

Riley & Moondoggie - the greatest comic duo since Fry & Laurie.
Are you guys OK ? I worry when we hear nothing for a week or so.
Hope you have found something either more lucrative or fun to do with your time.

Scott said...

We're okay, thanks for asking, Suez. I'm just down with a rotten cold and Mary is overwhelmed at work, but I've got a new post in the works for tomorrow. My apologies for letting things slide around here.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no need to apologize, hon. I was just concerned.
Keep warm and drink plenty of OJ.Get better soon.
Mary works too hard. Isn't it time for the brats to have a holiday - oh, wait Easter should give her a small break.
No pressure from me.

Anonymous said...

OK, this was one of the best beast bloggings ever, but it's time for some new pics.

Anonymous said...

Annti said...

I thought that I'd seen one of every kind of foot fetish/paraphilia on earth by now, but damn if your brilliantly-unique cats can't still surprise me!