Friday, August 21, 2015

The Boss is Out of Town, and We've Gone CRAZY!

"Look gals, I know it ain't The Fleischmann's Yeast Hour, or Texaco Town, but podcasting's still in its infancy as a medium -- it'll get better. In the meantime, we can listen to these two jerks..."

Yes, it's time for another All Star Summer Jamboree, but this week things are a little different in the studio, since my co-host Jeff went to see a...let's call it a movie...and is now in a coma. As it happens, I went to see the same..."movie," let's say...but I'm fine, because I've seen so much Hollywood crap that I've developed a protective blister like the Martian war machines in War of the Worlds, except my blister is made out of futility, despair, and whatever actual blisters are made of.  Skin, I guess.  Or maybe I've developed giant protective corns.  Anyway, the point is that no crappy summer blockbuster can harm me, because I'm encased in a full-body Plantar's wart, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna take it lying down. And since I'm running the show this week, I called up the bullpen and asked them to send in a veteran fireballer to serve up a little chin music.

So if you have a little time, please click the link below, and listen to me talk with a guy about a thing (and about a thing without a thing).
AssJam Episode 64: "Late to the Party" 
Starring Scott Clevenger and ? 
Music by Josiah Yareff and Ralph Raymond Hayes 
Join our esteemed Mr. Clevenger and a special surprise guest for a discussion of the most important film of 2015


Doc Logan said...

Shakespeare taught us that the play's the thing, so if there's no thing, there's no play.

You're a braver man than I, Scott. I won't even see a movie while this mephitic sack of runny poo is in the multiplexes, for fear I might choose the wrong door.

Scott said...

I wouldn't fear too hard, Doc. By the time I got the word we were going to be talking about this particular film for the podcast, and promptly ran out to see it, finding any theater anywhere still playing said mephitic sack presented something of a challenge.

grouchomarxist said...

Definitely have to give this one a miss, when it inevitably shows up on Netflix streaming. Just hearing about this train wreck secondhand is more than enough for me.

I hadn't realized there was a never-released Roger Corman FF film, which was obviously the basis for a running joke in the last season of Arrested Development. But then, these ASSJAMs are always informative as well as hilarious.

Scott said...

Thanks, Hank. And yes, when it comes to the current Fantastic Four film, avoid where possible, evade when necessary.