Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Splash of Color for Drab Winter Days

By Keith

Hello W-O'-Crappers. 

Post-election, Keith is in entrenched writer's block mode, the kind where tangible ideas are reduced to a Jello-O salad that refuses to firm up under refrigeration. Like the screenplay for Ridley Scott's "Prometheus." 

As a holiday shout-out, let me share some photos from 2016. The brain may not work quite well, but can still snap a shutter.

To quote Steve Colbert: "May your winter feast be an orgy of delight to everyone!"



Anonymous said...

ANNTI sez...

Thank you, Keith, and Scott, for sharing this moment of bliss in an otherwise foreboding landscape...


Debbi said...

Thanks, Scott and Keith.

I'd rather stare at flowers and foliage than attempt anything much more today. :)

Dr.BDH said...

Lovely photos, Keith. On a par with Scott's cats, but maybe not the sexy lizards. Still, since we've been inundated with photos of Trump's unsexy lizards (Flash: Desert Denizens to Replace Swamp Dwellers), any attractive scenery is appreciated.