Friday, October 27, 2017

Happy Birthday to Scott

By Sheri

Today is a holiday at the blog, for it is the birthday of the "World" portion of "World o' Crap," the smartest, kindest, funniest, talentest, and Scottest person I know. So, let us all wish many happy returns to Scott! This image came up when I googled "Happy Birthday, Vintage Scott," and Google know what lurks in the hearts of men, so it must be applicable. Maybe you can tell us how.

Of course, no Wo'C birthday would be complete without some vintage refreshments. So, let's all partake of some birthday pie made from Jello pudding, debris from the vacuum cleaner bag, and some of those killer white blood cells from "Fantastic Voyage."

And don't forget the sexy birthday lizard, a tradition started when some folks objected to getting photos of Ann Coulter for their special days. So, here is a gecko who is not only way cuter and younger than Ann, but whose syndicated columns have replaced Ann's in many major markets.

So, in conclusion, Happy Birthday, Scott. You are not just a great writer, a fine human being, a fun guy to have around, a cat lover with a big heart who always roots for the underdog, and a friend, you are also friend to all children.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

man, did I hate that butterscotch pudding as a kid. It CLAIMED to be pudding, but tasted like all my nightmares at once. WHAT A CRUEL TRICK, MOTHER!!

Hank said...

Oh for crap's sake. I go Netless for a week-plus out in the wilds of East Tennessee, and wind up missing the event of the season. Many happy (if belated) birthday wishes, Scott.

I have a terrible confession to make, though: I rather like Jello butterscotch pudding. Or did when I was a kid, anyway. But any 8-year-old who got this confection as a substitute for a birthday cake would likely be psychologically scarred for life.

What's great about Sheri's post, though, is that it's not only fun but informative: I thought you could only find Cat Women on the Moon, but now I see Science believes they're on Ganymede, too. Amazing! I wonder how many other major satellites in our solar system could be graced with some form of felinoid femininity? If so, how many are also latex fetishists?

And I knew about Jupiter's Great Red Spot, but I wasn't aware there was a Great Pink Clitoris and Great Orange Labia Majora as well. At least, not until I saw this illustration. Thank you, Mr. Paul!