Saturday, October 21, 2017

Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The Camouflage Cat Edition

MOONDOGGIE: What? Oh, nothing...Just still depressed about Shadow's mysterious disappearance. One minute she was here, eating half the treats, the next she jumped up on the couch and then just...disappeared. I guess she fell into one of those Narnia furniture portal thingies. Sad, really...

SHADOW: I'm right here.

MOONDOGGIE:  I can almost hear her voice. Eerie. But I'm all right. Don't worry about me. My heart will go on.

SHADOW: He knows I'm sitting here, right? Hey! Moondoggie! Look over here--

MOONDOGGIE: Oh, I suppose we could look for her, but should we defy the dark forces that absorbed her? Probably not. Whatever the answer to this mystery may be, it's something cat was not meant to know.

MOONDOGGIE: Anyway, you should probably give me her treats, as a tribute to her. She would have wanted it that way.

SHADOW: (Sigh)


Dr. Alice said...

Ahahaha! I like this one a lot.

Scott said...

Thanks, Alice! It just dawned on me how far I've fallen behind on my anthropomorphizing.

Hank said...

Remember, as Smoky the Bear says: "Only you can help stamp out anthropomorphism!"

Debbi said...

Thanks for this! Started my Sunday on the computer off with a grin! :)

Keith said...

Had to tilt the screen a bit for contrast to get the joke.

Once thought one of my cats was missing and after three days or so just assumed she split. Her mom was acting depressed. It seemed odd because the two of them were usually together.

`Then began cleaning up the bedroom and found an extra tail sticking out from under the bed. No indication that she was unwell. Perhaps cardiac accident or stroke? RIP Princess is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

ANNTI sez...

Jeeezus, Keith. Sorry to hear that. Love to teh mama kitteh.

And much love to Moonie... sometimes I worry about that boy... Shadow's a black cat, she's born to be cool, but love on her some for me, too.

Anthropomorphized or not, two of the luckiest kittehs on erf.