Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Doc Logan!

I hope everyone's having a pleasant Friday.  It's a bit miserable here at the House of Crap (apologies to Stan Lee). The temperature in Hollywood is in the low nineties, while body temperatures are in the low hundreds, thanks to a flu bug Mary brought home from school.  But I wanted to spend at least a few woozy moments at the computer to highlight the natal anniversary of old and valued Crapper Doc Logan.

Now, I don't personally know what scientific discipline he labors in, but I like to think he's a mad Doc, and spends his days perfecting killer robots and death ray-equipped atomic war Zeppelins, because as we all know I was abandoned in the woods as a child and raised by Universal serials.  But whatever his speciality, we're glad he spends some of his non-world dominating time here with us, and hope he's having a festive day in the company of his loved ones, or crushing his enemies, whichever is more fun and involves fewer undignified paper hats.

So in Doc's honor, we're having Post-Friday Beast Blogging a day early, because he recently expressed a fondness for the feature:
I love the Moondoggie/Riley posts, they remind me of the days when I had a yellow lab (Gypsy, named after everyone's favorite Richard Basehart loving automaton) and a Belgian shepherd (Damien, named after the antichrist, naturally). Same color scheme as Moondoggie and Riley, and similar personalities. Both have long since passed on, but the Moondoggie/Riley pictures bring back pleasant memories.
It's hard to think of two more perfect connections, since we yield to no one in our love for Mystery Science Theater 3000 (in fact, if it weren't for MST3K: The Movie, Mary and I wouldn't have met, married, and be violently ill at the same time right now, so pardon me a moment of tear-dabbing sentimentality).  And of course, Damien also has a special place in our hearts, since I had to watch Omen III: The Final Conflict when we were writing Better Living Through Bad Movies, and it had such a profound effect on my psyche that I bought that entire Seven Knives of Meggido set they used to sell on late night cable TV.
RILEY:  Sooo...celebrating your birthday, are you?  Wallowing in nostalgia for a time when you were blind, gooey with amniotic fluid, and fighting your littermates for a sip off a teat, all the while hoping your mother wouldn't decide to just eat the lot of you?  Yes...I can see why you'd want to paste that in your memory book.

MOONDOGGIE:  Did you get a balloon?


grouchomarxist said...

Wait ... this isn't the House of Carp? Where will I get all my carp-related questions answered?

Damn sydlexia!

And a special "Awww" for hearing that you met at a screening of MST3K: The Movie. Hi-Keebah!

Hope you both feel better soon. I think you've got things a bit mixed up, though: most of us end the holiday being violently ill.

Doc Logan said...

Thanks, Scott! Hope you and Mary feel better soon. Get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and make sure Moondoggie and Riley feel appreciated, I love those guys.

The name "Doc Logan" comes from Richard Liberty's character in "Day Of The Dead", the third of George A. Romero's zombie movies and the point where he could still have quit while he was way ahead. Doc Logan is one of my favorite mad scientists ever, with a plan to turn zombies placid by feeding them... treats. Please don't look in the freezer, thanks, and no, I haven't seen Miller or Johnson today, why do you ask?

Other people born today: Bill Daily of "The Bob Newhart Show", Lewis Black, Frank Conniff of MST3K and Orly Taitz, all of whom have made millions laugh, the first three intentionally.

Thanks again for the mention, and thanks to my fellow Crapatistas for all they add to an already fantastic blog.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

and the point where he could still have quit while he was way ahead.

I love you people.

M. Bouffant said...

met, married, and be violently ill at the same time
Love is grand, isn't it?

And wishing the Doc many more.

maryclev said...

Ahem. I would like to add in that *I* also watched Damien The Omen Guy 3, and I had a pretty funny line. I guess it ended up on the cutting room floor.

In happier news, my temp has gone down to 100.1 Yay.

Chris Vosburg said...

I've caught that "summer cold" as well, and the fever on top of the hot weather is well, a little much.

Happy Birthday, Doc, but I'm afraid that I wish you and all the other humans were roasting on the hottest griddle in hell, until the virus subsides or the heat wave does.

Stacia said...

Happy birthday Doc!

And get better soon, Scott and Mary! I share your misery, though mine is bacterial and I have topped out at a balmy 99.5. If it's any help, I find the MST3K version of Touch of Satan is a delight to nap to. All those pauses!

Stacia said...

Aaaand I forgot to ask Doc if he had any pics of Gypsy and Damian, because they sound like the exact kind of adorable doggies we all want to see.

Anonymous said...

Late but hearty Happy Birthday wishes, Doc.
Hope you had a fun celebration and were not plagued by any of these plagues running rampant among our lil ol gang here.
Have a lovely year.

Li'l Innocent said...

Well, I'm not among the zombie lovers, and I'm not sick (yet), but hey! Does that mean I can't wish Doc a *rather* late Good Day, or that Scott and Mary continue to enjoy the Blessings of Matrimonial Unity, even at the viral level??

No, it does not! Also, Happy Labor Day. Also, don't forget to top up the cat food bowls. Firstthingsfirst.

D. Sidhe said...

It's not extremely belated until I get here. Seriously, Riley and Moondoggie were kind of a tough act to follow.

Happy birthday, Doc, and I hope it was a good one.